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    Mita Diran was a baby -- just 24 -- when she slipped into a coma this week and died, shortly after spending days awake and relying on something called Thai Red Bull just so she could work more. The Indonesian woman was a copywriter at a major ad agency in her country and proudly Tweeted about her commitment to work in the days and weeks leading up to her death. Her last Tweet, which she sent on December 14, read: "30 hours of working and still going strooong." Hers is the story of a sad, terrible waste of a young, talented life.

    But Mita's work habits are probably not that far off from many of our own. And this heartbreaking story should serve as a wake-up call for some of us.

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    It’s that time of year again, when the holiday decorations are up, and suddenly it’s all holidays, all the time, in stores and on TV.

    Everywhere you turn, it’s trees, and lights, and gifts, and STRESS. I love the holidays -- I really do. That doesn’t mean they’re not stressful, though. And this year, with Hanukkah earlier than usual, and Thanksgiving falling late in the month, bringing it that much closer to Christmas, it feels like all the holidays are combining into one big stress ball.

    I’m not going to tell you that you need to get up at 5 a.m. every morning to make sure your workout happens during the holidays ... but I am going to suggest trying a few workouts specifically aimed at making you less stressed out this holiday season.

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    Sadly, I do many of these things on a regular basis, which is a sure sign I've completely lost all ability to have a rational thought, that my memory is only good for quoting John Hughes movies and remembering all the words to obscure songs from the '80s/'90s, and that my IQ is plummeting faster than Miley's odds of NOT being completely naked in her next video.

    Look, I can tell you the names of all the characters from The Facts of Life, or Growing Pains, but I have no idea where I left my keys, what pending appointments I have, or why I just walked into this room?!

    In fact, I have so many momnesia moments, I'm surprised I don't have a permanent hand print on my forehead from face-palming all day!

    After talking to other mothers, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone -- we're all losing our minds together. Phew, I mean, that's so horrible to hear (but really, thank goodness I'll have company in the loony bin).

    Here are just a few unbelievably inane things parents have been known to do.

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    The number one question I hear as a personal trainer is, "How can I find the time to exercise?" For most busy people, finding time to work out in a jam-packed day can seem next to impossible. When you’re a busy mom, any brief window of time that might be available tends to get taken over by mom responsibilities and kids’ activities. 

    I’ve written before about being okay with ditching the kids to work out when you need to, but what are some other ways you can make time within a busy schedule?

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    30 Signs You're Not a Parent

    posted by Jenny Isenman October 10, 2013 at 11:39 AM in Baby
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    After getting such an amazing response on my "40 Signs You're a Mom" list, it dawned on me that those folks who don't have kids yet or don't want them have some pretty distinctive qualities of their own. Qualities that give us seasoned parents a chuckle at the mere thought of, like, not finding it a triumph to have an uninterrupted visit to the bathroom. Bwahahaha. Hahahah. Haha. Ha. (Okay, now I'm crying.)

    That said, here are 30 signs you are NOT a parent.

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    Curious about tarot and oracle card readings? Me too! I keep saying I'm a skeptic who doesn't believe in anything except physics and what I can see or touch myself. And yet ... I find the mysteries of the clairvoyant world irresistible. What if there really is energy I could tap into, forces I can't see that are at work? The autumn equinox fell on this weekend, which seemed like the perfect time to do my first card reading.

    I reached out to Yolanda Shoshana, "clairvoyant, courtesan curator, author, witch, and seduction alchemist." I happen to follow her weekly card readings on Instagram. I've always liked how inspiring her insights were, and I wondered what she would "see" in the cards for me. Our session was utterly surprising, totally different from what I'd expected.

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    Mommy guilt. That creeping, all-encompassing feeling that you’re doing something wrong, that in fact you’re a Bad Mother, for taking time for yourself. But exercise, just like spending alone time with your husband or partner, or having a girls' night out, is necessary for mental health. If mom’s happy, everyone’s happy, right? So why do we sometimes beat ourselves up and feel guilty for taking time to work out?

    Here’s what it usually comes down to:

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    "I'm so jealous!" a friend wrote me. "It sounds like HEAVEN." It's true that the idea of it sounded like heaven to me, too. Four nights on my own while my husband and kids were out of town? My god, just think of the peace and quiet! Think of everything I could get done without all the constant distractions of parenthood! Think of the much-needed alone time and the ability to go wherever I wanted!

    So why was it that less than two hours after they left, I found myself lingering near the refrigerator for emotional comfort -- not because I was eating my feelings, but because it was the only thing in the damn house making NOISE?

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    20 Ridiculous Lies Mom Tell Their Kids

    posted by Jenny Isenman August 8, 2013 at 2:02 PM in Toddler
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    I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Moms lie! We do -- and frankly a fib can be the difference between a good night's sleep and being sent to padded room. You see, mothers are a brilliantly dishonest bunch. And deception is one of the strongest tools in our arsenal (PS: it only works until your children figure out how to look things up on Google).

    Damn you interwebs from ruining the only sanity saver I have left!

    Of course we fabricate things in different ways. There are the universal lies, which I laid out in my lists of "Momisms", and there are the bold faced lies that are incredibly creative and will most definitely get us in trouble down the road. Though we're willing to take that risk for a little reprieve in the moment!

    Here are some bold faced lies I've told my kids to save sanity, furniture, face, time, and money. Plus, the top lies from my Facebook Fans, who are clearly unscrupulous (and I love that about them).

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    This past week, I learned of the deaths of three people. One was a college acquaintance, another my beloved theater professor. The third was a young mom I didn't even know whose passing I found out about from one of my blog readers.

    When these tragedies occur, I find myself looking back at my own legacy, using the sadness as a way to challenge myself to be a better person and parent. I've taken to reminding myself of the powerful regrets dying people have spoken about so that I don't waste another second of this gift of life I'm lucky enough to have.

    I suppose it might seem odd to find inspiration from "Regrets of the Dying," an article by former palliative care nurse Bonnie Ware (who later wrote a book on the same topic). But I can only imagine that they'd want their words to matter and change someone who still had a chance to enjoy their days.

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