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    Past Life Regression is based on the idea that our past experiences affect our current lives. I went to a well-known therapist in the field, Norton Berkowitz Ph.D., to find out more about my own past lives in the hopes of healing from various physical and emotional pains. What you are about to read is the story of a life I once led.

    (This is the second post in the series. For more info on past life regression and the hypnosis process, check out the first installment, "She Never Came Back.")

    I was standing on what seemed to be a dirt path.

    What kind of shoes was I wearing? Dr. Berkowitz asked.

    My shoes were soft leather ... they felt like slippers, I explained. My hair was chin length, maybe a bit longer, and strawberry blonde ... I was wearing what felt like tights or stockings, but thicker. More like leggings.

    Was I male or female? Dr. Berkowitz wanted to know.

    Male, I said.

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    My husband was driving me home from chemo last week and made the comment, looking at the sky, "Now we just need a good hard rain."

    Within a couple of minutes, the blue skies turned dark and we could see rain falling ahead. Soon we were in the midst of an old-fashioned rainstorm. A good, hard rain. 

    I said to him, "Your wish is obviously the universe's command."

    His response was, "If my wish was the universe's command, you wouldn't have cancer."

    I thought about this for a minute and replied, "I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to have cancer."

    Obviously if I die from this cancer, the following statement may prove not to be true. But right now I'm feeling like cancer might be the best thing that ever happened to me

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    Leave it to Oprah: Transcendental Meditation has been around for decades, attracting such famous followers as The Beatles and David Lynch, but now that Winfrey practices TM ... well, people are really paying attention.

    Hey, after hearing Winfrey talk about her own experience with TM on last night's episode of Oprah's Next Chapter -- she even visited a town in Iowa where an estimated third of the population practices -- I'm paying attention, too. Transcendental Meditation has been known to reduce anxiety and even blood-pressure (which makes sense, considering the link between stress and cardiovascular disease), promote feelings of well-being, and improve self-image.

    None of this is news. But now that Oprah says it's true ... well, I'm sold. (Come on, how often is the woman wrong?)

    Here are the basics of Transcendental Meditation ...

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    It makes sense that most of us mistakenly believe that it's younger women who are more likely to die from breast cancer than any other group: They're not screened as aggressively as women in later stages of life and, therefore, aren't diagnosed until their cancer is in a later stage, which lowers their rate for survival. But actually that thinking has it backwards.

    According to a new study, it's older women who are more likely to die from breast cancer. Specifically, it showed that women over 75 years old were 63 percent more likely to die of the cancer than women younger than 65. And the reasons for this disparity are more than a little alarming.

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    What you are about to read is totally REAL and creepier than a Hollywood horror movie. Welcome to Scary Story Week on The Stir ...

    Sometimes I think other people boasting about their extrasensory perception, or ESP, is as laughable as when Karen Smith calls her "ESPN" a "fifth sense" in Mean Girls. Psychics, crystal balls, reading random creases on your palm, fortune tellers, fortune cookies ... it's all got to be one big joke, right?

    But there have been a couple times in my life when I've had to take a step back and ask myself: "Wow, do I have ESP?"

    Random things, like seeing flashes of something I'll happen to see out and about or on TV later, or something to that effect, I've usually copped to random neurons flying around in my brain and sheer coincidence. But twice now, I'm convinced that my mind "sensed" when tragedy was going to strike.

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  • Lesson 21: Religion -- Never Write About It

    posted by Jenny Lawson July 28, 2011 at 12:09 PM in Big Kid
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    Hi. If you are very religious and/or easily offended, you should skip this post. Unless you get off on being offended and righteously indignant about ridiculous things. Then, you should totally stick around. Welcome. You totally owe me.

    Today we’re going to talk about kids and religion. Personally, I’m not that into organized religion, but I do believe in letting your children find spirituality themselves. That’s why in our house we talk about Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster objectively, so that our 6-year-old can one day make a decision for herself.  

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  • Prayer (And Celery) Can Save You

    posted by April Peveteaux May 3, 2011 at 12:50 PM in Healthy Living
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    In fact, I believe I will add those two things to my earthquake preparedness kit right now, after seeing how a nun in Baltimore got through a tough four days being stuck in an elevator. Sister Margaret Geary, an 85-year-old nun, found herself stuck inside the convent elevator, unluckily, when the rest of the nuns were at a convention. On her own, Geary managed to survive in a space (not my words, but I wish they were) "not much bigger than a confession booth."

    What saw Geary through? Prayer (duh), celery sticks, and water.

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    Prepare to embrace a new trend in burials: the green coffin. After decades of boxing up our dead in water-proof, steel, wood, or other non-decaying substances, a sea change in the world of death is happening all over the globe. Realizing that there is limited space on earth, and that our dead will begin to crowd out the living, a plethora of bio-degradable coffins are hitting the market, and people are lining up to buy the green options. Which, incidentally, are less expensive than the traditional models.

    Would you want to be wrapped up in wool? Or buried in bamboo? Check out these green coffins and burial methods from around the world.

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    Ashley JuddIn case you think those talented Judds are a bunch of gorgeous women who have always had it all, then you might want to hear about Ashley Judd's new shocking tell-all memoir All That Is Bitter & Sweet, which reveals quite the opposite.

    I have heard, through interviews with the Judds over the years, that the early years for their family were tough and included divorce, poverty, and lots of moving about; however, the details being released from Ashley Judd's new book tell an even darker story -- but one that Ashley manages to mold into something beautiful and inspiring today.

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    Researchers opened a whole new Pandora's box this week regarding obesity in America. They concluded that when it comes to staying fit, church-going ... well, apparently, it's on par with eating junk food. After analyzing data that spanned 18 years, Northwestern University researchers concluded that people who went to church or church activities at least once a week were more than twice as likely as people with no religious involvement to become obese.

    Why? They blame all that FOOD that's served at church ... you know, boxes upon boxes of Munchkins, after-service picnics, etc.


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