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    Reiki is something I've been hearing about for a long time. I didn't know much about it. To me, it went into the same pile as aromatherapy and chakra meditation. But now that I practice both of those things (which I'd previously blown off) I figured that reiki, the Japanese art of healing pain through the power of touch, was worth looking into a little bit more.

    If you're like me (and you probably are at least a little) than you've been watching True Tori. If you haven't been, than here's all you need to know. Dean McDermott cheated on his wife Tori Spelling and now they have a T.V. show wherein they try to save their marriage. This week, they visited a reiki practitioner, and I was reminded of just how much I wanted to research this stuff and see what it's all about. Is it effective, or just a celebrity indulgence?

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    My grandfatherIf you've ever wished you could speak once again to a dead loved one, you may have considered hiring a medium or clairvoyant who claims they can communicate with the dead. The past decade has seen a lot of deaths of people I cared about, so when I was offered the opportunity to speak to Ricky, who is billed as being one of the best mediums in Psychic Source and has over 1,000 five-star reviews, I hopped at the chance. My only dilemma was wondering which relative I would speak to, since I had so many who had recently passed on, including my grandparents on both sides and my 7-year-old niece.

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    As school children we're told our dreams are infinite, every thought is realistic, and most importantly we can do anything we set our minds to. But as we get older, our dreams may have gotten lost in the shuffle of life.

    Maybe you're not saving the world or you're not president of a company, but where ELSE in life are you successful? Andrew Shue and the MAD Life crew will help you rethink how you define success. It's a must-watch for every mom who has been living with major regrets.

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    Growing up with a social worker for a mom, the notion of helping people was a part of everyday life. She was always working on some program or initiative to help disadvantaged women and children. I remember one Mother's Day when I was around 7 years old, she and a couple of other people organized a small gathering outside a women's prison to protest the fact that incarcerated moms couldn't see their children. I was standing there with a homemade sign as reporters covered the scene. Those kinds of memories stick with you and impact the rest of your life. Little did I know at the time, I would find myself in a prison once again years later.

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    Curious about tarot and oracle card readings? Me too! I keep saying I'm a skeptic who doesn't believe in anything except physics and what I can see or touch myself. And yet ... I find the mysteries of the clairvoyant world irresistible. What if there really is energy I could tap into, forces I can't see that are at work? The autumn equinox fell on this weekend, which seemed like the perfect time to do my first card reading.

    I reached out to Yolanda Shoshana, "clairvoyant, courtesan curator, author, witch, and seduction alchemist." I happen to follow her weekly card readings on Instagram. I've always liked how inspiring her insights were, and I wondered what she would "see" in the cards for me. Our session was utterly surprising, totally different from what I'd expected.

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    I learned more from a 20-year-old woman from Maryland today than I have from all the books and articles I've read and people I've spoken to this month. Just two weeks ago, Kristen Loetz was shot in the face by Ryan Shallue, a scornful ex-boyfriend, who then turned the gun on and killed Charles Abbott, a male friend who was trying to protect her, before fatally shooting himself.

    So what do you suspect the nursing student did when she was released from the hospital a few days ago? Find herself so destroyed by anger that she could barely utter a word to another human being that wasn't disdainful? I mean, that would be totally normal, wouldn't it? 

    But no -- this amazing woman instead took to Facebook and forgave her attacker

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    This past week, I learned of the deaths of three people. One was a college acquaintance, another my beloved theater professor. The third was a young mom I didn't even know whose passing I found out about from one of my blog readers.

    When these tragedies occur, I find myself looking back at my own legacy, using the sadness as a way to challenge myself to be a better person and parent. I've taken to reminding myself of the powerful regrets dying people have spoken about so that I don't waste another second of this gift of life I'm lucky enough to have.

    I suppose it might seem odd to find inspiration from "Regrets of the Dying," an article by former palliative care nurse Bonnie Ware (who later wrote a book on the same topic). But I can only imagine that they'd want their words to matter and change someone who still had a chance to enjoy their days.

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    If you visit my mom's little cottage in Northern California, amongst the well-stocked bookshelves brimming with good reads and framed photos of loved ones, you might spy a small, beautifully wrapped present. A recent gift? Nope -- it's been there for at least a few years, still wrapped, ever unopened.

    The existence of this wrapped gift drives my own daughter crazy. "Don't you want to open it?" she asks my mom on every visit. "Don't you wonder what's inside?"

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    Has life seemed especially screwed up lately? Have you missed trains, ordered the wrong shoes online, accidentally sent offensive emails? Well, there may be a good reason for that: Mercury is in retrograde.

    I beg your Mercury what?!?

    The planet Mercury -- it's in retrograde. Have you heard your friends mentioning this? I'm about to get super flaky on you here and start talking astrology. Why? Because it's fun -- and because the stars don't lie! Seriously, though, Mercury is in retrograde from February 24 through March 17, and it's supposed to wreak havoc in your life, especially in the communications department. Here's the scoop on this wild ride.

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    Christie O'Sullivan of Average Moms Wear Capes is smart, down-to-earth, and completely irreverent. She is the kind of blogger you read and then think: I wish she were my best friend.

    She shares her wise life observations with The Stir (lucky us!) as part of our "12 Days of Gratitude" series for the holidays. See her post below:

    I can start this post with so many quips about how things can change in an instant and how you have to appreciate living, but when you put it that way, it seems so trite and so trivial. So overused. Anything can happen. There’s no guarantee for tomorrow. Carpe diem. 

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