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    It's no surprise that weight loss is one of the most common New Year's resolutions. The minute that ball drops, gym memberships start selling through the roof and the diets officially begin. See ya later, chickem parm hero.

    One of the most popular (and trendy!) ways to get healthy these days is juice cleanses. It seems like everyone is trying a cleanse (even reality stars like Real Housewives Kathy Wakile!). So I decided to try one myself to get some insider knowledge on what it really takes to survive one of these things.

    And here's what you need to know before starting one yourself:

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    As much as I consider myself to be a good communicator most of the time, I am a total victim of the crystal ball mentality. I'm pretty sure I just made that up, but I bet you're familiar with it.

    It's when you assume people will know what you want and need without you actually saying it.

    As you might guess, this not only puts the other person in an awkward position, it can lead to a whole lot of disappointment. So I'm working hard, maybe even starting on my New Year's resolutions early, and ditching this way of thinking once and for all.

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    As school children we're told our dreams are infinite, every thought is realistic, and most importantly we can do anything we set our minds to. But as we get older, our dreams may have gotten lost in the shuffle of life.

    Maybe you're not saving the world or you're not president of a company, but where ELSE in life are you successful? Andrew Shue and the MAD Life crew will help you rethink how you define success. It's a must-watch for every mom who has been living with major regrets.

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    This past week, I learned of the deaths of three people. One was a college acquaintance, another my beloved theater professor. The third was a young mom I didn't even know whose passing I found out about from one of my blog readers.

    When these tragedies occur, I find myself looking back at my own legacy, using the sadness as a way to challenge myself to be a better person and parent. I've taken to reminding myself of the powerful regrets dying people have spoken about so that I don't waste another second of this gift of life I'm lucky enough to have.

    I suppose it might seem odd to find inspiration from "Regrets of the Dying," an article by former palliative care nurse Bonnie Ware (who later wrote a book on the same topic). But I can only imagine that they'd want their words to matter and change someone who still had a chance to enjoy their days.

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    Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was all starry-eyed and under a magic spell at Disney World this New Year's Eve. She says she just loves New Year's -- and not just because she always spend the holiday watching the fireworks at Disney World. It's also the most funnest for Farrah.

    I feel NYE is the launch of the most funnest time of my life every year, I feel like i'm being spontaneous in a way, but I feel NYE gives you the feeling of (all the crap from this past year is for sure behind you and gone) as well it's time to burst into all the new opportunities, new friends, new stuff that you probably have been waiting for this year.

    Ooh, that just makes me cringe -- and not just for the "most funnest" line. Actually, no, that's a big part of why I'm cringing. But more importantly -- let's examine some of that crap from this past year.

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    "Thinspiration," or "thinspo" for short, may be a scary term associated with twisted "Pro-ana" groups, but it's not exactly a foreign concept to anyone who has grown up female in this country. Practically the time we're hangin' in our mother's wombs, we're encouraged to look at photos of skinny models and wish we were them. From tween's lockers to grown women's refrigerators to just about every magazine cover on newsstands, skinny models appear everywhere. And this is supposed to be "aspirational." It's supposed to make us want to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and go to the gym -- for one reason alone: So we can look like lose ridiculous amounts of weight and look them, duh. But does it actually work?

    According to Anne Klesse, a researcher at Tilburg University in the Netherlands who recently did an experiment that asked this very question, nope!

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    Toxic friends.

    The very phrase sends shivers of the Sads down my back because I've been on the receiving end of enough toxic friendships to last a lifetime. These friendships never start out as bad for us, but over time, it becomes apparent that that's exactly what they are. Luckily, I've learned a little about the whole phenomenon along the way.

    Here are some warning signs that one of your friendships has turned toxic. And not in the Britney Spears song kind of way. 

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    I hate going to the gym. It's crowded. It reeks because one-too-many members forgot to put on deodorant. I can't get onto a machine to save my life without waiting for at least 10 minutes while awkwardly staring at my sports watch. The locker room is full of women chatting about their son or daughter's upcoming school dance, and the water fountain has a five minute wait.

    Can you tell I'm annoyed?

    I haven't always felt this way. I used to adore the gym. I owned that place. The people behind the desk know my name, and I have "gym friends" who high five me when they walk past my treadmill. These angry feelings, they're a recent change.

    Want to know whose fault it is? The New Year's resolution-ers.

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    Thanks to the holidays, the roll of flesh you now see sitting triumphantly atop my waistband is composed almost entirely of butter, chocolate, and discount champagne. And yes, at the top of my list of New Year's resolutions are the words "get stronger (back to yoga)" followed closely by "STOP EATING M&Ms FOR LUNCH."

    (Full disclosure: I am eating M&Ms while I write this, but it's just a mid-morning snack. Also, they are dark chocolate. M&Ms are full of antioxidants.)

    So, you say you want to get back in shape for the new year, too? Come, let me guide you through seven important steps that will bring you closer to making everyone think you're working hard to get healthy again.

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    Good morning, New Year Resolvers! Who else has pledged to eat healthier this year? I know I have, so I've been scouring the Internets for healthy food blogs. I'm talking daily inspiration -- blogs that support my goals for a healthy new year, with recipes for high energy and a robust immune system.

    I've been reading a lot lately about what makes change possible. It's not always about will power! Sometimes it's about finding inspiration and tearing down barriers. And when it comes to making healthy changes in your life, those barriers could be time, money, and kitchen skills. Here are 10 websites that will help you overcome those barriers and inspire you with yummy-looking nutrition superhero recipes you can make for the whole family.

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