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    My period has been stalking me on a Kim Kardashian level for the past year. I feel like I have been bleeding every other day ... Aunt Flo is like the period paparazzi ... and I am worried.

    Rightfully so, said Stephanie Bird, MD, Medical Director of Gynecology, Brigham & Women’s Fish Center for Women's Health in Brookline, Massachusetts. “It’s important for women to pay attention to their baseline because not all bleeding is a period. Any abnormal change that extends beyond one menstrual cycle is cause for concern.”

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    How much do you love getting your annual pelvic exam? It's THE BEST. After spending most of the day in the waiting room you're finally invited to undress and put on a paper robe. So chic! Then you lie on the exam table for another eternity waiting for your doctor to show up and jack open your inner lady sanctum with a speculum followed by their gloved hand. And if you're lucky, ice-cold lube gel will be used. Oh joy. There's poking and prodding and a few "hmms" and then, all too soon, it's all over. Until next year! 

    What if I told you that this is all totally unnecessary? A new study by Annals of Internal Medicine boldly declares that there is no medical benefit to pelvic exams for most healthy women. Not only do they fail to reduce "morbidity or mortality of any condition," (i.e. they don't save lives), they may even be harmful. Here's everything women should know about this new study.

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    I know many, many women who choose to see female gynecologists exclusively. Heck, I used to be one! Until just a few months ago, I never thought I'd voluntarily see a man doctor for my girly bits, but then one came highly recommended, and I gotta say -- it wasn't really any more unpleasant than the female docs I'd previously been to. His bedside manner was great, and I think I'll keep him as my regular.

    I may have made a different decision if I'd heard about this story before I booked my appointment. A gynecologist in Arkansas is being charged with video voyeurism for "allegedly [using] his cell phone to take nude photos of patients during office exams."

    Aghhh! Is that every woman's worst nightmare at the gyno's or what?

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    No offense to the guys out there, but we women have always been on the losing side when it comes to being able to protect ourselves from both pregnancy AND HIV. The only birth control method we've been able to use up until now to prevent both is condoms. And, as wonderful as they are, it isn't always easy as a woman to feel confident that we can trust our partners when it comes to using condoms correctly. A new device has just been revealed that may put women in the driver's seat when it comes to taking full control and responsibility of our sexual health.

    The intravaginal ring is a 5.5-cm ring that is inserted into the vagina and contains both levonorgestrel, a synthetic progestin hormone, and tenofovir, an anti-retroviral drug. 'Til now, researchers have not been able to find a way to combine the two drugs. This innovation could spell big, positive changes for women everywhere.

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    Forget Kegel exercises. "Sex coach" Kim Anami is taking the concept of "vagina strengthening" to a whole new (questionable) level with her at-home weekly course that costs just $500 and has something to do with learning "Vaginal Kung Fu."

    If your jaw hit the floor when you saw Prancercise, just wait 'til you see Anami's (NSFW) clip called "10 Reasons to Lift Weights With Your Vagina." She says vaginal weight lifting can make for stronger orgasms OR being the life of the party if you win a game of beer pong by throwing the ball with your vaginal muscles!

    Yes, for the record, Anami's completely serious, and yep, you might want to make sure the little ones are all tucked in before pressing play on her eyebrow-raising clip ...

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    Finding the perfect doctor can often be a long process. We all want to make sure that we're seeing a doc that makes us feel comfortable, that the office is clean, ideally you're never feeling rushed in and out the door -- the whole nine yards. Dare I say it, the hardest doctor of all to find? The perfect OB/GYN. Come on -- us ladies don't want just anyone poking around down there, amirite? 

    Need help finding your dream doctor? Not to worry -- we have 5 easy tips to finding the right OB/GYN for you:

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    If I were to tell you that there is a gynecologist that women LINE UP FOR in Chile, you would think that gynecologist was, like, god's gift to the world -- right? Well, what if I were to tell you that this particular doctor was elected King of Beauty of Spain back in 2010? Or that he has blue eyes that stare deeply between your legs into your soul? Yep. His name is Manuel Rico. So many patients want to see him at Region Conception Hospital, where he works, that the hospital had to do a press conference to formally introduce the 24-year-old modern McDreamy.

    I mean, I get it. He's a hot guy. A hot guy that women have an excuse to get naked in front of. But I'm officially skeeved out. Seeing a male gynecologist makes me uncomfortable as it is. Seeing a HOT male gynecologist? I ... I ... I'm blushing just thinking about it.

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    A French manufacturer of Norlevo, which is a morning-after pill distributed in Europe that is similar to Plan B, has just issued a warning that the emergency contraception is ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. In fact, the pill is shown to begin losing its effectiveness in women who weigh more 165 pounds.

    Given the fact that the average weight of an American woman is 166 pounds (at 5 feet 3 inches), this news is going to affect a whole lot of women on this side of the Atlantic. American contraception companies may want to take some notes from their European counterparts and provide warning labels pronto. 

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    Most women I know are pretty grateful that modern medicine has afforded us the miracle of birth control, because it affords us a level of control over our bodies and destinies that our grandmothers and previous generations of women didn't have. But unfortunately, hormonal birth control comes with certain risks, and we're learning more of 'em every day! Get this -- now researchers are saying that birth control pills could make you go blind!

    Okay, not directly. A new study shows that women who have used birth control pills for more than three years are twice as likely to have glaucoma -- a leading cause of blindness. Faaaantastic!

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    There are no words. No words. I sincerely hope you have already eaten. If you are eating now, stop eating. Seriously, put down the fork and tell your vagina that you love her: It's about to get ghastly up in here.

    Dr. John Black of Ohio is being sued by a former patient identified solely as "Laura". What was this OB/GYN's crime? Dr. Black apparently sprayed Laura's vagina with potassium hydroxide. That's right, potassium hydroxide -- usually found in the stuff you use to remove clogs from a drain. Fun fact, if applied to human flesh, it can cause decomposition.

    Everyone please take a moment to scream and then come back. Laura says the doctor sprayed the chemical on her from a bottle labeled "vinegar" -- which is already ... not normal. When she complained of burning, HE TASTED THE LIQUID AND CONCURRED THAT YES, VERILY, IT WAS BURN-INDUCING. AH! THIS GUY! 

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