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    There are always going to be mean people in the world who think it's within their right to say inappropriate things to you -- whether you're overweight, underweight, or the perfect weight. Cearra Swetman was out to dinner a year ago when she had the misfortune of running into a big jerk who felt compelled to remark that the Hooters chain restaurant T-shirt she was wearing should not be worn on a girl her size. Cearra weighed almost 250 pounds at the time. Instead of telling him to mind his own beeswax, she used his comment as inspiration to drop a remarkable 130 pounds. Good for her! But what she did after losing all of that weight makes me a little sad.

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    It seems like just yesterday families across America were sitting down together at the breakfast table and passing around plates of bacon and eggs with tall glasses of good-for-you orange juice. At least that's the image you got from movies. In reality, many of us stood by the fridge door, late for school, guzzling OJ from the carton like it was nectar from the heavens. Well, these memories may be as outdated as those our parents and grandparents have of Ovaltine breakfasts because fewer people than ever before are buying orange juice, thanks to higher prices and news that it may not be the healthy, cold-fighting elixir we once believed it to be.

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    The Mayo Clinic recently released the results of a 45-year study that basically found that women are fatter these days because we spend more time watching TV and browsing websites and less time cleaning our houses, cooking, folding laundry, and chasing after our kids.

    Naturally, some women are totally annoyed by this conclusion and believe this kind of thinking belongs back in the '50s. It leaves out a host of other reasons why obesity is more prevalent these days. A rise in two-income families means less time spent cooking healthy meals simply because the time isn't always there is just one of many examples.  

    But the study shouldn't be thrown out the window, either. As a former working mom who now works from home, I can assure you: house and mommy duties keep you active and in good shape.

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    Remember ‘Fitness Mom’ Maria Kang, who landed in hot water recently for posting a picture of her toned self along with her three young children and the caption, “What’s your excuse?”

    She’s back, and this time she claims she was blocked from Facebook for ranting about a campaign for plus-sized women launched by Curvy Girl Lingerie.

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    A French manufacturer of Norlevo, which is a morning-after pill distributed in Europe that is similar to Plan B, has just issued a warning that the emergency contraception is ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. In fact, the pill is shown to begin losing its effectiveness in women who weigh more 165 pounds.

    Given the fact that the average weight of an American woman is 166 pounds (at 5 feet 3 inches), this news is going to affect a whole lot of women on this side of the Atlantic. American contraception companies may want to take some notes from their European counterparts and provide warning labels pronto. 

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    'Looking' Healthy Could Be Killing You

    posted by Maressa Brown September 6, 2013 at 2:31 PM in Healthy Living
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    For better or worse, consciously or subconsciously, no matter what we were taught in kindergarten, we all judge a book by its cover from time to time. More to the point, we judge one another based on looks and can easily find ourselves assuming that because someone is thin, they're fit and healthy, and if they're overweight, they're definitely sick or at least at risk of heart disease. Turns out, even doctors are guilty of it -- and this embarrassing habit is putting women's lives in danger.

    A French study of over 15,000 people found that female patients were half as likely as men to be treated for one of the leading causes of heart problems/strokes. And docs were slow to diagnose the most common form of abnormal cardiac rhythm in women, increasing their risk of stroke and death. The reason is mind-blowing, heartbreaking, and downright embarrassing ...

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    Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that there are few things more difficult. It's very easy to parrot along the right phrases and make the process sound foolproof: Eat less, exercise more, and lose weight. Those words may be the truth, but in reality most of us get so overwhelmed by our long-term goals that we give up or never start.

    That's why 26-year old Amanda and her story are so inspiring, but not for the reasons you think. Her story of slow, healthy weight loss is one you've heard before -- in the span of a year, she lost over 80 pounds. Sure, that's a lot of weight, but not unheard of. What makes her story so amazing?

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    First came the viral pic of the man on a train ride from Philadelphia who was supposedly raving on a train about cheating and, in turn, has been publicly shamed on Facebook feeds the world over. Now, photographer Kimberly Massengill, aka Substantia Jones, has started a Tumblr called Smile, Sizeist!, which invites anyone who has experienced fat-shaming to snap a photo of their harasser and submit it for publication on the blog, ideally with the story of the incident.

    Jones told The Huffington Post that she started the site because "I want fat people to know there's a way to fight back non-violently, another way to shield against the shame and humiliation the harasser seeks to impose. I want to help facilitate a power exchange."

    Given how shameful, out-of-control, and prevalent fat-shaming has gotten, I get why there's an impetus for something like this Tumblr. But I can't help but feel like the mentality seems to be, let's fight fire with fire, shame with shame ...

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    If you’ve ever shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch, you know that they do not cater to the plus-sized adult. I don’t care how cool you think you are, ladies, if you wear over a size 10, Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries does not want your business or even want you in his stores. You fat girls are bad for business. Simply stated, Jeffries doesn’t want overweight women wearing his label.

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    A woman who was told she was too fat to tan says she's being discriminated against. Kelly McGrevey bought a tanning package deal at the Aloha Tanning salon in Ohio, but after she paid her $70, the owner turned her away, saying that tanning beds could only handle people up to 230 pounds. McGrevey says she was "shocked and embarrassed and humiliated" after being told she was too fat to tan. But how would she have felt if she'd broken the tanning bed and ended up injured?

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