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    While most moms know their kids should drink milk, many are torn about which type. Odds are you fed your baby whole milk, only as your little tyke shot up into toddlerhood, you may have considered making the switch to skim, 1%, or 2%. After all, we're in the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic. Once kids have graduated beyond the chunky baby phase, whole milk seems like a gratuitous amount of fat and calories that could lead kids down an unhealthy path.

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    There was a time, not too long ago, when moms raising vegan or vegetarian kids were viewed as kooks. Even today, news stories abound of meat-free parenting gone awry, like a vegan mom in Florida arrested for refusing to take her dehydrated infant to the hospital since that might expose him to animal products in formula. Still, the tide is slowly turning.

    "About a decade ago the thought of raising a child vegetarian or vegan was considered a risky move," says Carolina Jantac, RD, registered and licensed dietitian and spokesperson for, which awards seals of approval to foods that pass health and taste standards for kids. "But nowadays more people are jumping in the bandwagon." And many experts say raising kids with these dietary restrictions can be safe, provided parents take a few precautions.

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    Parents have faced the age-old challenge of coaxing their kiddos to eat their vegetables in so many different ways. We've hoped for years that promises of Popeye-like strength if they eat their greens will do the trick, but believe it or not, that may be exactly what's turning children against the nutrient-packed food group. A recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that kids may be more likely to eat their fruits and veggies if they don't know how good they are for them. In other words, ignorance is bliss.

    Researchers from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business found that when food is presented to kids aged 3 to 5 as making them strong or as a tool to help them reach a goal (like learning how to read or count), they were more likely to decide that the food wasn't tasty. In turn, they would eat less of it.

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    Can kids be raised vegan and still be healthy, getting all the nutrients they need? This question may be on the minds of many moms who may have heard that a vegan mom was arrested after refusing to take her dehydrated infant to the hospital, fearing her baby might be exposed to animal products in formula. Yet in spite of a few bad apples, many moms insist a vegan diet is safe during pregnancy, while nursing, and for young kids eating solid food.

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    A new Supreme Court ruling could soon give our food an overdue makeover. Justices said that Coca-Cola can be sued for false advertising, as their "Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Blend of 5 Juices" is actually just a sugary drink containing only 0.3 percent pomegranate juice. POM Wonderful (makers of 100 percent pomegranate juice) took Coke (makers of Minute Maid) to court, pointing to a 1946 law intended to prevent companies from claiming that impostors are the real thing.

    This news could have a wide-sweeping effect that extends well beyond pomegranate juice. It's a warning to any food manufacturer who thinks they can get away with selling us something with a label replete with misinformation and lies.

    Here, big food lies that this ruling will (hopefully!) stop from being told ...

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    Any parent who has ever had a picky eater on their hands knows it can be frustrating. The food your kid seemed to gobble down a month ago is now pushed away, and they seem to want to subsist on just one or two foods. You're doing everything you can think of to get them to eat ... but are you making it worse?

    Turns out sometimes the tricks parents employ with the best intentions are actually making the matter worse. Want your child to eat up? Don't try any of these common mistakes at home!

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    The first, and most important, meal of the day is meant to keep us energized and going and ready to start the day. For the kids, it gets them prepped to take on school. But when it comes to what breakfasts feed our children, researchers have found that one bowl of cereal every day is the same as eating 10 pounds of sugar every year.

    In their annual evaluation of the most sugary cereals, the Environmental Working Group found that the worst cereals contained up to 15 grams of sugar per serving. And that one serving of crunchy and sweet cereal equaled 50 percent of a child's recommended intake of sugar.

    Here are the most sugary cereals by grams of sugar per serving, from pretty bad to the absolute worst. Read at your own risk!

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    I am the queen of memory glitches lately. The other day I was running late, furiously searching everywhere for my iPhone ... when it rang in my handbag ... which was on my shoulder ... and my iPhone was right on top. It wasn’t buried under a mountain of crap for once. It was right there. I looked at it, dripping with sweat and frustration, and laughed. I convinced myself my toddler must have stolen it or, in one of my weaker moments, that it was conspiring against me to get me fired. It was surely anywhere but where it was supposed to be.

    To take charge of my raging case of mommy brain, I rounded up experts who are much smarter than I am for some excellent advice to boost brain power and function. Now all I have to do is remember these tips:

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    Got juice boxes? If you're a mom, you probably have at least half a dozen in your fridge right now, but this might make you switch to cups of the sweet stuff. A mom from Wisconsin who cut open her son's juice box found a whole lot of mold! Enough to take up half of the box!

    Suzanne Hogue's disgusting discovery has quickly gone viral, with photos of little Nathan's moldy juice box being spread across the Internet. If you've got a weak stomach, you may want to look away right about now ...

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    Did you know that now we're apparently supposed to hold off on giving our babies cow's milk until well beyond their first birthdays? I mean, I understand the health benefits of extended breastfeeding, but are formula-fed babies going to be better off with extended formula feeding?

    It's a crazy world out there man. I know we all want what's best for our kids, but is buying special toddler milk really worth the expense and hassle? Maybe, maybe not. Let's break it down and then you can decide if plain ol' moo juice is good enough for your darlings.

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