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    When it comes to breast cancer, many of us understand and are willing to accept the fact that a miracle cure may not be in the cards at the moment. With that said, news of any drug that could help patients by stalling the disease so that it doesn't rapidly progress is pretty great. Imagine being able to stop time -- if only for a few months -- while docs continue to work on finding new and additional treatments to combat your disease. Kind of challenges your notion of miraculous, doesn't it?

    An experimental breast cancer drug called palbociclib is currently undergoing studies because it reportedly can nearly double the amount of time patients live with the disease without it spreading and getting worse. Here's the skinny on it.

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    Eczema and dry skin are very similar skin conditions. It's not unusual for dry skin and eczema to appear separately or in conjunction with each other, but they are actually two very distinct conditions. I suffer from both and I can tell you, while each can be bothersome, dry skin is definitely easier to deal with in the long run.

    Here's how to tell the difference between dry skin and eczema.

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    A family in California is grieving today after a usually routine surgery left their 13-year-old daughter, Jahi McMath, brain dead and on life support. Jahi's mother and father brought their daughter to the hospital to undergo a voluntary tonsillectomy. They had hoped the routine procedure would help with Jahi's weight gain and frequent urination.

    They were shocked and horrified when just a couple of hours after waking up from her surgery, Jahi was rushed to the ICU. Eventually, due to excessive blood loss, Jahi was oxygen-deprived, which caused swelling in over two-thirds of her brain.

    Potential complications are listed at the start of every medical procedure, but with something as commonplace as a tonsillectomy, which is performed on countless children annually, it seems unspeakably shocking that this could occur: The doctors pronounced Jahi legally dead.

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    With so many amazing medications now available, human immunodeficiency virus is no longer the death sentence it was believed to be 30 years ago. But a cure for HIV has remained elusive -- that is, until now. This could be the miracle the world has been waiting for.

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    Okay, 'fess up: do you go to the doctor more often than the men in your life? Without a doubt, I do. But the weird thing is, I also take far less medicine than my husband and am almost never really sick. I can't even remember the last time I had the flu or a serious virus. It's not that I run to see my general practitioner the day I feel a strange symptom, but I never wait longer than two or three days. And my way of handling things has -- I believe -- helped me tackle health problems long before they get out of control. I consider this a smart move that saves time and money in the long run.

    But some men folks, including Fox News' John Stossel, would argue I'm just another female hypochondriac who deserves to pay more for health insurance because...well, mainly just because I'm a woman and we're all crazy like that, you know.

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    Try your best not to get sick when I tell you this. Like, you may want to sit down. There are now pills that are made of actual human feces that can cure Clostridium Difficile infections, which typically kill 14,000 people each year. In other words: a less yucky way to do poop transplants. I know. I feel queasy typing out the word poop as it is.

    Apparently Canadian researchers tried using this new poop pill on 27 patients with the severe infection. The pill cured all of them when antibiotics failed to help at all.

    So I know you want to know: How's this work? Well let's get to it, shall we?

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    I've been anxious all my life, but it was definitely exacerbated by having babies. A lot of babies. And not just because I had more to worry about. But because I was a big gigantic hormonal cocktail.

    Then I noticed I started to get extra moody from ovulation to my period, which was really affecting my interactions with family members. I was short, irritable, and on the day before my period, downright angry.

    And while I tried everything they recommend, from cutting caffeine to getting more sleep (yeah, right), even exercising regularly and cutting out foods from my diet, nothing really helped until I tried medication.

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    Crazy story. One of my daughter's friends is kinda perturbed she has two arms and isn't more like star surfer girl Bethany Hamilton, who so awesomely rocks just the one. After learning about this desire during the most disturbing game of make-believe ever, I was inspired to examine the insanely painful things kids want -- or think they want -- just because they seem cool. Maybe her wish to have something that seems really awful isn't so rare.

    Sure, that's an extreme example, but we never really considered the downside of all those totally "rad" things we longed for as kids like braces or crutches or (name that thing), did we? How many painful afflictions, experiences, or medical devices did you want growing up? Do your kids want even now?

    I can think of quite a few. Here are my top 10. Do any sound familiar?

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    Attention, attention: A medicine mix-up has prompted a voluntary aspirin recall. A pharmacist discovered that a Rugby Enteric Coated Aspirin bottle did not contain the low-dose aspirin it was supposed to, but rather was filled with 500-mg acetaminophen pills! Patients can overdose on acetaminophen or have bad reactions if it's taken with other medications. Some people are susceptible to allergic reactions.

    Here's what you need to know:

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    Catherine Schaible, the Philadelphia mother who was charged with the murder of her baby son after praying for him rather than getting him medical care, is out free on bail. Schaible, 43, was released from jail on Friday after the judge set her bail at $250,000 and ordered that Schaible must live at her parent's house under electronically supervised "house arrest."

    Schaible and her 44-year-old husband, Herbert, are charged with third degree murder in the death of their 8-month-old son Brandon. The couple was already on 10 years probation for the 2009 death of their 2-year-old son Kent who died of pneumonia (they were convicted of involuntary manslaughter in that death). The terms of that probation specificed that they seek "medical care for their remaining children."

    The Schaibles are members of the First Century Gospel Church, and as such they show their faith in God by turning to prayer rather than medicine to cure illness.

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