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    No offense to the guys out there, but we women have always been on the losing side when it comes to being able to protect ourselves from both pregnancy AND HIV. The only birth control method we've been able to use up until now to prevent both is condoms. And, as wonderful as they are, it isn't always easy as a woman to feel confident that we can trust our partners when it comes to using condoms correctly. A new device has just been revealed that may put women in the driver's seat when it comes to taking full control and responsibility of our sexual health.

    The intravaginal ring is a 5.5-cm ring that is inserted into the vagina and contains both levonorgestrel, a synthetic progestin hormone, and tenofovir, an anti-retroviral drug. 'Til now, researchers have not been able to find a way to combine the two drugs. This innovation could spell big, positive changes for women everywhere.

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    The days of plain old water being the beverage of choice at the gym are long gone. Now, some gyms even boast their own smoothie or juice bar. We’re inundated with so many choices -- pre-workout drinks; post-workout ‘recovery’ drinks; drinks for energy; drinks for mid-workout fueling; drinks for immortal life. Okay, that last one I maybe made up, but there are definitely a lot of claims being made for beverages marketed at regular exercisers. 

    So what’s your best bet for optimal performance and results? Read on for some old wisdom versus new choices when it comes to drinking up while working out:

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    Chocolate-flavored toothpaste sounds like something that only exists in the fictitious world of Willy Wonka, but it's actually soon to be a reality on store shelves come the first week of February! Crest is launching their new "Be" line, which aims to take the routine activity of brushing your teeth to a whole new, tasty, and transformative level.

    Crest describes its Mint Chocolate Trek flavored toothpaste as "a rich, creamy cocoa flavor that provides an indulgent and decadent experience," explaining that "now consumers can explore outside their boundaries, arouse their senses, and energize their brushing routine like never before." Whoa, intense. 'Course the idea of toothpaste that tastes as good as candy has inspired a slew of funny, silly reactions.

    Here, some of the "greatest hits" (so far) ...

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    I hate going to the dentist. It doesn't scare me. I reserve my phobias for more valid concerns, like the insurmountable reality that one day I will die. The dentist I hate for practical reasons: My teeth are a nightmare. My gums are less pale pink flesh and more omnipresent blood-jelly. My teeth are less bone and more yellowed hole-riddled caves where bad dreams are born.

    Plus, dentists are strange birds. Mine growing up had a motorcycle and was always offering my mom rides. Also that (probably untrue) statistic about their high suicide rate combined with Steve Martin's character in Little Shop of Horrors all added up to a strange mental picture for the Becca. Now the dental community has proven all my thoughts to be true.

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    If chocolate, caffeine, and a heating pad are your best friends for several days every month, you are NOT alone. Nasty PMS and period symptoms -- from splitting headaches to unbearable cramps to occasionally having an inexplicably emotional reaction to something super-benign -- all too often get the best of all of us!

    Thankfully, when it comes to contending with that time of the month, you don't have to rely on over-the-counter pills that may or may not actually help or go it alone. You can lean on one or several of these 8 awesome, all-natural menstrual symptom cures (you know, besides chocolate!).

    Check 'em out ...

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    A French manufacturer of Norlevo, which is a morning-after pill distributed in Europe that is similar to Plan B, has just issued a warning that the emergency contraception is ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. In fact, the pill is shown to begin losing its effectiveness in women who weigh more 165 pounds.

    Given the fact that the average weight of an American woman is 166 pounds (at 5 feet 3 inches), this news is going to affect a whole lot of women on this side of the Atlantic. American contraception companies may want to take some notes from their European counterparts and provide warning labels pronto. 

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    What would we do without clocks? For starters, we wouldn't know what time it is. We'd be late for everything! If we even showed up. We wouldn't know when it was Daylight Savings Time. We wouldn't know when to wake up or go to bed. And we certainly wouldn't know when we were going to die. Wait, WHAT? Yes, a new clock, catchily called ALARMClock, counts down until the exact time you are set to die, so suddenly those seconds and minutes whizzing by seem a lot more precious!

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    With Fifty Shades of Grey casting coming down to the wire, Shailene Woodley's name continues to crop up on the short list of young actresses being considered for Anastasia Steele. That's no shocker, as she's the up-and-coming "It" girl rising star of the moment.

    What is pretty stunning, however, is how she told Flaunt magazine that she leads her life off-screen ... in an uber-green, clean, natural, "alternative" way that many of us would probably describe more as super-crunchy, hippie, and maybe even a bit extreme ... 

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    Cigarettes are one of the worst things on the planet for your health, as everyone knows, but they are also one of the most addictive. Quitting them is about as difficult as quitting heroin. So the electronic cigarette looked to be some kind of miracle for cigarette smokers. But a new study says that the e-cigs could be just as harmful as real cigs. OMG, what? Now I'm worried for all of my friends who have been sucking on these things like they're chia seed sticks!

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    A warning was issued this week by the FDA for the very popular pain reliever Acetaminophen. This does not mean you should panic or throw away every bottle in the house. Actually, very little should change in how you medicate you and your little ones ... because they've made exceptionally clear that the benefits of the drug outweigh the possibility of this side effect affecting you. Still, they are alerting the public because although rare, it can be fatal.

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