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    Are you SO HOT this summer? You could spend more time indoors in the air conditioning -- IF you want to be just like everybody else. But maybe you'd like to cut your electric bill. Or maybe you're just so darn creative, you feel compelled to stay cool in refreshingly creative ways.

    Well, today is your lucky day, because we have 11 weird, wacky ideas for chilling when it's hot outside.

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    Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get strong, or just want to feel better, there’s one healthy habit most moms are missing. Even when you’re working out consistently and watching what you eat, skimping on sleep can derail all your good intentions.

    Yes, it's true. Sleep is the one thing all humans need to survive, and it can be the answer to lasting good health. Perhaps you remember it from your pre-kids days? It’s that activity that lasted beyond six in the morning on the weekend. 

    In case you need convincing that sleep should be a priority for you, here are four reasons sleep is so vital, as well as practical tips on getting more -- and better -- sleep.

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    It's summertime again and 99.9 percent of everything is that much more wonderful. No snow. No boots. No cold. No ice. But there is one thing about summer that makes it a lot less fun: bug bites. And if you're like me -- the kind of person who gets eaten alive every time she goes outside -- you'll know just what I mean.

    Last summer the bugs in my neighborhood got so bad, I often didn't go out at all. And when I did, I came back in covered in red welts that itched like crazy. It was awful and a part of the season I will never be happy about no matter how much I love the rest.

    I have tried everything to stop the itch. Benadryl. Calamine lotion. You name the OTC drug, I've tried it. But I haven't tried a lot of home remedies to curb the itch. Here are eight "proven" itch stoppers you can probably find in your house RIGHT NOW ...

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    In her new book, The Kind Mama, Alicia Silverstone covers everything from her pregnancy to her beliefs on circumcision and vaccination. Though the book has only been out for two days, it's already got tongues wagging, as does a recent interview the famous vegan actress did with People about her parenting philosophies, in which she says she's "not against Western medicine. The problem is we’re using it as a first step for everything, even when it’s not needed."

    Alicia deserves applause for bravely putting that sentiment out there! She's right: We are far too quick to jump to conventional medicine "fixes" -- which can be disappointingly closer to temporary bandages than true cures -- for too many of our ailments.

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    There seems to be as many different triggers for eczema flare-ups as there are people who have eczema. If you have this skin condition, then you know it can be very difficult to pinpoint your own personal triggers. Some things around your house that you would never have even considered a danger to your health can send your eczema into a tizzy.

    While the exact cause of eczema is still unknown, many doctors think eczema is linked to allergies like hay fever or asthma. In other cases, eczema is believed to be linked to food allergies, which means you might need to keep an eye on the dairy or wheat in your diet. Some of the other common eczema triggers that you should keep your eye on are as follows.

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    The United States Preventive Services Task Force, the government panel that also came out in favor of less frequent mammograms and Pap smears in recent years, is making headlines again for a new recommendation aimed at pregnant women. They say expectant moms at high risk for pre-eclampsia -- a life-threatening condition that usually occurs in the second half of pregnancy and is marked by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, liver disease, and blood-clotting abnormalities -- should take low-dose aspirin daily to reduce their chance of developing the disorder. Genetics, a history of diabetes, age, and diet increase a woman's risk. 

    The Task Force isn't alone; The New York Times reports there has been a growing scientific consensus that low-dose aspirin could be beneficial to high-risk women and their babies.

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    All eyes were on Biggest Loser season 15 winner Rachel Frederickson when she took the stage -- and what the audience saw made jaws drop to the floor. Having dropped 155 pounds, Rachel won the grand prize but left America in a state of shock, debating whether or not the 24-year-old was truly the picture of health and happiness. Now, two months -- and 20 pounds -- later, it seems like she really is. 

    Rachel admitted to Us Weekly that she felt like she initially took her weight loss too far and that since the show wrapped, the scale has bounced up to 125 pounds ... which she couldn't be happier about.

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    Amber Portwood's path hasn't been an easy one, having only just left jail in November after being incarcerated for 17 months. But things seem to be looking up for the young mother, who recently opened up on Twitter about the challenges she faces on days she doesn't have visitation with her daughter Leah. It looks like yesterday wasn't one of those trying days, thankfully!

    Amber tweeted a photo of her little girl, as they spent time together at the "drive-in." Leah even got the special privilege of sitting in the front seat (while the two were "parked, btw," as Amber made sure to note)!

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    There's no denying Kim Kardashian looks incredible! And it isn't just thanks to hitting up the cosmetic surgeon. No, her constant visits to Barry's Boot Camp are paying off big time. And checking herself by sticking to her diet of choice, Atkins, must be helping, too. But keeping the baby weight off apparently hasn't been as easy as it sounds for North West's mama.

    Kiki revealed in a Mobio Insider Q&A earlier this week that she "gained some weight back" at one point post-baby ...

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    When The Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson first debuted her worryingly thin frame on the finale, we only had the looks on Jillian Michaels' and Bob Harper's faces to tell us exactly how they felt. In the time since, though, both trainers -- and Rachel's trainer, Dolvett, as well -- have made their opinions known. And Rachel herself went on The Today Show a few weeks later, looking like she had gotten her weight up a bit, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

    But with controversy still hanging over the franchise, and changes to the show rumored to be on the horizon, host Alison Sweeney is breaking her silence about the situation ...

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