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    There's a special spot in hell reserved for people who prey on others at their most vulnerable. If the allegations are true, one fertility doctor from Massachusetts deserves the book thrown at him for reportedly sexually molesting female patients for over a decade when they visited his office searching for help in becoming pregnant. Dr. Roger Ian Hardy is under investigation and has surrendered his medical license after 18 witnesses, including nurses, fertility experts, and colleagues, came forward to make claims that the 55-year-old touched his patients in a sexual manner while they were under his care.

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    No offense to the guys out there, but we women have always been on the losing side when it comes to being able to protect ourselves from both pregnancy AND HIV. The only birth control method we've been able to use up until now to prevent both is condoms. And, as wonderful as they are, it isn't always easy as a woman to feel confident that we can trust our partners when it comes to using condoms correctly. A new device has just been revealed that may put women in the driver's seat when it comes to taking full control and responsibility of our sexual health.

    The intravaginal ring is a 5.5-cm ring that is inserted into the vagina and contains both levonorgestrel, a synthetic progestin hormone, and tenofovir, an anti-retroviral drug. 'Til now, researchers have not been able to find a way to combine the two drugs. This innovation could spell big, positive changes for women everywhere.

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    An 82-year-old woman in Colombia was searching for the cause of her horrible stomach pain when her doctors stumbled upon a 40-year-old reason. Inside her was a 40-year-old "stone baby," the remnants of a fetus that had implanted outside her womb, grown a bit, and then calcified. Horrifying, right? And it's not the first time it has happened.

    Still, it is exceedingly rare. There are only 300 documented cases from around the world of this condition called lithopedion. Basically, a fetus develops – and dies – outside of the uterus usually in the abdominal cavity.  At that point, if it is too large to be absorbed back into the body, the fetus calcifies in order to protect the woman's body from dead tissue.

    In this woman's case, it was discovered because her doctor ordered an abdominal x-ray. It had been there since she was 42. How insane is that?

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    A French manufacturer of Norlevo, which is a morning-after pill distributed in Europe that is similar to Plan B, has just issued a warning that the emergency contraception is ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. In fact, the pill is shown to begin losing its effectiveness in women who weigh more 165 pounds.

    Given the fact that the average weight of an American woman is 166 pounds (at 5 feet 3 inches), this news is going to affect a whole lot of women on this side of the Atlantic. American contraception companies may want to take some notes from their European counterparts and provide warning labels pronto. 

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    Okay, 'fess up: do you go to the doctor more often than the men in your life? Without a doubt, I do. But the weird thing is, I also take far less medicine than my husband and am almost never really sick. I can't even remember the last time I had the flu or a serious virus. It's not that I run to see my general practitioner the day I feel a strange symptom, but I never wait longer than two or three days. And my way of handling things has -- I believe -- helped me tackle health problems long before they get out of control. I consider this a smart move that saves time and money in the long run.

    But some men folks, including Fox News' John Stossel, would argue I'm just another female hypochondriac who deserves to pay more for health insurance because...well, mainly just because I'm a woman and we're all crazy like that, you know.

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    I've been saying for a long time that I don't believe it's as difficult to get pregnant -- and have a healthy baby -- after 35 as the media portrays it to be. I admit I had no scientific evidence of this -- but I had plenty of with my own eyes evidence because I am surrounded by women who got pregnant, naturally, beyond 35 -- many of them after 40. One of my acquaintances just had her third baby at 44 (with a home birth!). Another is pregnant at 38 after a week of trying. Another ... I could go on and on. And forget friends, just look at the celebrities: Halle Berry, Elaine Irwin, Salma Hayek, so many more.

    Now here comes someone much more qualified to smash open the fertility myth than me: Dr. Jean Twenge, a professor, has penned an article questioning everything we know about the supposed "fertility window."

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    When you've got a full-blown raging case of baby fever or practically cry with ecstasy when you tuck your newborn into her crib, it's hard to believe that there are women out there who don't long for the same thing. But just like there are cat people and dog people; city people and country people; rap people and disco (?) people -- there are I-want-a-baby and I-don't-want-a-baby people.

    There can be lots of reasons women don't want children. Some do, but feel it wouldn't be responsible given their life situation (lack of funds, lack of family support, lack of partner). Some just plain don't -- even if they've got all of that. But if a woman tells you she doesn't want children, and you want to remain friends with that person, or at least not get a dirty look, or at least not be a wee bit of a jerk, you'll want to avoid saying these 11 things.

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    Have you noticed that everything goes totally kooky at certain times of the month? Like THAT time of the month? You know that time -- the time you're ovulating. It's like suddenly you drop down a rabbit hole and into Alice's surreal wonderland. Everyone you make eye contact with starts macking on you. You're suddenly attracted to bearded guys who wear leather, have tattoos, and carry brass knuckles. Oh, and you begin voting strangely. Like you were all set to vote for Romney up until your egg dropped and then it was like, Obama will save the world! I know. SO WEIRD. But it's alllll backed up by science, people. Here are 7 things that (supposedly) happen while you're ovulating.


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    I'm not used to grabbing the attention of random men. After all, I'm a 47-year-old happily married mother of teens. And while I think I look good for my age, honestly, I'm not all that.

    But last week, I hit a trifecta: three men flirting with me all within a few hours. And since I was dressed in my mom uniform, I have to believe it happened because I was ovulating.

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    Scientists have discovered a possible cause for why women have miscarriages. Wouldn't it be amazing if no woman ever had to experience a miscarriage again?

    In a study, laboratory tests showed that women who had lost three or more babies had high levels of a molecule known as IL-33 in their womb cells. These molecules control whether or not the uterus accepts an embryo.

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