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    In a horrifying story out of New York City, Jill Tarlov, a mom of two college-age children and the wife of an executive at CBS, was hit by a speeding bicycle in the car lane. She is now brain-dead. It is the kind of tragic tale that chills the soul.

    One minute she was out buying a birthday present for her daughter, and the next, she was in the hospital and unresponsive, all because of a bike accident. It's the kind of thing that happens far too often.

    There are so many stories of people hit by cyclists going the wrong way down one-way streets, speeding in car lanes, and running red lights because they can. In this case, the cycle was manned by Jason Marshall, 31, a musician who allegedly yelled at Tarlov to get out of the way before mowing her down on his $4,000 bike.

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    I'll admit it, I despise exercising. But I also hate the way my marshmallow-y thighs are cascading toward my ankles. So when I was offered the chance to check out the hybrid workout New York magazine named Manhattan's "best," I jumped at it.

    Okay, not literally. I had to save some strength for this uber-intense but super fun class that combines sensory and trampoline cardio with serious muscle sculpting.

    I was definitely a little fearful going in to Bari Studio, which just opened its fourth location in Summit, New Jersey. Since my main form of exercise is going up and down stairs doing, and then delivering, laundry, I wondered if I could I handle it. Would I collapse in sweaty heap? Fall off a mini trampoline? Should I have a team of paramedics on standby? 

    Here's the inside scoop on the exercise craze that's attracting everyone from busy moms to professional athletes and Navy Seals!

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    Remember your body before the baby? Miss it? Even if you lose the pregnancy weight quickly after the delivery, pregnancy has a way of rearranging your parts. Know what I mean? You've been stretched. You're puckered. Your belly button is not where you left it nine months ago.

    And when people talk about getting back into shape? SIGH. You just feel tired.

    Well help is on the way: Celeb trainer and pregnancy fitness expert Andrea Orbeck created 7 postpartum workouts perfect for getting YOU back into shape -- starting with your belly! Check out these simple but effective exercises in this slideshow.

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    As busy moms, we often don't have a second to spare for ourselves or our workouts. That's why doing double duty on our errands and exercise is the best gift we can give ourselves.

    That's where the playground comes in. It's just for children, right? Wrong.

    It turns out you can get one of the best workouts of your life using only what you find at the playground. Swings, slides, monkey bars, ladders -- all of it can become your own personal ninja warrior circuit!

    To make it even more like a game, rest while your child plays -- so in other words, you do an exercise on the slide while she climbs the ladder, then you rest while she slides down. She'll love it, too!

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    Most of us have coveted Jennifer Aniston's beachy-glam hair, youthful glowing skin, and obviously lean muscular body for years. Forget SmartWater -- the woman must be drinking straight from the fountain of youth, right?

    All right, perhaps, but she definitely has another secret weapon that's not really much of a secret at all ... The actress has worked for more than 10 years with yoga instructor and wellness expert Mandy Ingber. The go-to Hollywood fitness guru, who also trains Kate Beckinsale, is a huge proponent not just of working out, but tapping into simple relaxation techniques that work holistically to help Jen -- and all of her clients! -- looking and feeling their best.

    The Stir recently caught up with Ingber, and she shared with us her 5 easiest, quickest, and most effective tips for toning up your body and mind.

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    Vacation! Yay! Sun, surf, lying out instead of working out.

    Ummm ... no. Unless you want to come home 10 pounds heavier, adding activity to your otherwise lazy time is a good plan (read: multiple pina coladas by the pool will go to your butt if you just sit on it the whole time).

    "While you're on vacation, you might be consuming more alcohol and food than you normally do," says New York Sports Club instructor Melissa Morin. "Fitting in a good sweat session keeps your metabolism working, and helps you burn off the extra calories."

    If you're at the beach, walking or running on the sand is a great way to get cardio (the unstable surface challenges your muscles in new ways). Or just try these toning moves demonstrated by Morin for a little "beach blanket workout." Exercise you can do without even leaving your towel? Sign us up!

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    You have big plans to go to the gym after work today. You arranged someone to be there to take care of the kids, you packed your gym bag, you piously said no to after-work drinks with your colleagues. Then 6 p.m. rolls around, and, well ... maybe the kids need help with their homework tonight after all. Or your boss is going out for drinks, maybe you should go along too. Or you’re exhausted after a long day, and didn’t you read somewhere that you’re more likely to get injured exercising when you’re tired?

    Chances are, you already know when you’re making excuses because you just don’t feel like working out. But are there actually times when it IS a good idea to skip the gym? Yes, there are -- and here’s the personal trainer take on what’s a valid excuse and what’s NOT.

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    Remember the name Kacy Catanzaro. She has just become the first woman ever in history to advance to the finals of the show American Ninja Warrior. If you have ever watched the show, then you know what an incredible feat this is, especially for a tiny little 100-pound, 5-foot woman. And yet that is EXACTLY what Catanzaro has done.

    For those who have never seen it, American Ninja Warrior makes even Ironman competitors look like slouches. Contestants must complete insane obstacle courses that test every muscle in their bodies. It takes agility, speed, endurance, and incredible arm, core, and leg strength just to get to the competition. Awesome athletes fail. Regularly.

    And that's why Kacy's historical run is so amazing. Even if you don't watch the show, this is so inspiring, both for women and for anyone who has ever been told they "can't." See for yourself:

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    Ahh, the scale. You’ve had a great week of getting your workouts done, and eating healthy, and you step on the scale with excitement building -- how much will you have lost? Three pounds? Maybe four?

    Cue horror music as you look down and see the same number you remember from last week or, even worse, higher. But the reverse is true, too, when you’ve ... um ... "forgotten" a couple of workouts, and then the kids wanted to make cookies, and don’t forget the pizza. When you check your weight on the scale, certain that you’ve gained, doesn’t it feel amazing to see a surprise loss? 

    Why? Why are we tying our mood, and our self-worth, to a number on a scale? "Duh, because I’m trying to lose weight!" I hear you say. I’m here to tell you: The best way to lose weight safely and maintain your weight loss, is to forget about the scale. Get rid of it, seriously. Here’s why ...

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    Jessica Simpson has always had amazing legs, no matter what weight she’s been. She's also never afraid to show them off in everything from shorts to mini skirts. We've seen a lot of leg and we've ALWAYS wanted more.

    While genetics obviously plays a (large) part in her lean, shapely legs, she's also obviously spent a lot of time in the gym as well. Recently this mom of two has kicked (ha!) it up a notch with her diet and exercise. It’s definitely paid off. I wonder if we'll be seeing her in a short wedding dress for her upcoming ceremony with fiance Eric Johnson?

    If you want to know how Jessica sculpted her legs to look this good Check out these six fantastic moves that can help you sculpt your way lean, too. Maybe you'll be rocking your own Daisy Dukes soon enough.

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