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    The days of plain old water being the beverage of choice at the gym are long gone. Now, some gyms even boast their own smoothie or juice bar. We’re inundated with so many choices -- pre-workout drinks; post-workout ‘recovery’ drinks; drinks for energy; drinks for mid-workout fueling; drinks for immortal life. Okay, that last one I maybe made up, but there are definitely a lot of claims being made for beverages marketed at regular exercisers. 

    So what’s your best bet for optimal performance and results? Read on for some old wisdom versus new choices when it comes to drinking up while working out:

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    Young love often goes sour, but as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's romance falls to shambles (again), it's happening right before our eyes. And things just got real ugly. In light of Selena's stint in rehab and accusations flying that she landed there as a result of her ex being a "bad influence," Biebs is fighting back with a rather ridiculous response.

    Sources "with daily Bieber contact" tell TMZ that Justin and his friends are "laughing at" Selena's claims that he's to blame for her troubles. (Are they sure they aren't just laughing because they're really high?) They say she is always the drunk at the party, and "whenever he had parties Selena was downright competitive ... smoking as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdoing them. They say she was also HEAVY into booze." Okaaay.

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    I am an alcoholic. For years, alcohol was the first thing I thought about when I woke up in the morning. All day long, I obsessed over drinking: when could I start, did I have enough, how could I hide it. Every hour until that first drink was steeped in unease and self-hatred. Every hour past that first drink was focused on the drink after that. I lived completely in the past or the future, in regrets and anxiety. The present was increasingly intolerable and so I sought escape. It was a vicious cycle that went on and on and on.

    You have probably had your fill of people using Philip Seymour Hoffman's tragic overdose as an excuse to talk about addiction. Forgive me for adding to the noise, but it's been hard for me to think of anything else lately. It's been hard to see the number of people condemning Hoffman for the "stupid, selfish" act that took his life and not feel painted with those same hurtful broad strokes.

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    Somebody make it stop! Justin Bieber has been riding on an out-of-control train for months now, and every time we suspect he is about to slow down and get help, yet another report comes out that paints a really ugly picture of the singer. This time, Biebs and his entourage -- including his father, for Pete's sake! -- were reportedly "extremely abusive" to staff aboard a private flight from Canada to watch the Super Bowl in New Jersey and smoked so much marijuana the crew had to wear oxygen masks. They ignored the pilot's pleas to stop smoking, which would have been nice since the crew has to pass drug tests in order to stay licensed, and were so mean to a female flight attendant that she hid in the cockpit for most of the trip. 

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    Lots of celebrities go to rehab, but not all of them are willing to talk about the experience afterwards. So I was both shocked and amazed to see Elizabeth Vargas' revealing interview after her treatment recently ended.

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    Throughout history, a handful of presidents have admitted to smoking a little bit of recreational pot here and there. But few have openly discussed their views on the drug -- particularly if their ideas about it fall more in line with what a college student might think than that of your average conservative politician. Barack Obama kind of just went for it when he revealed in an interview with the New Yorker that he considers marijuana less dangerous than alcohol. Depending on how you feel about the drug, this is either one of the most dangerous statements a president has made in a long while, or the most obvious one ever. 

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    Mita Diran was a baby -- just 24 -- when she slipped into a coma this week and died, shortly after spending days awake and relying on something called Thai Red Bull just so she could work more. The Indonesian woman was a copywriter at a major ad agency in her country and proudly Tweeted about her commitment to work in the days and weeks leading up to her death. Her last Tweet, which she sent on December 14, read: "30 hours of working and still going strooong." Hers is the story of a sad, terrible waste of a young, talented life.

    But Mita's work habits are probably not that far off from many of our own. And this heartbreaking story should serve as a wake-up call for some of us.

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    Remember back when Demi Lovato went to rehab in 2010 for "emotional and physical issues"? We all sort of just assumed that it was related to her struggles with bulimia and depression ... but now, the former Disney star is clearing things up and coming clean about the shocking truth: She had a serious cocaine addiction.

    "With my drug use I could hide it to where I would sneak drugs. I couldn’t go 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine, and I would bring it on airplanes," the 21-year-old confessed to Access Hollywood. "I would smuggle it basically and just wait until everyone in first class would go to sleep, and I would do it right there. I'd sneak to the bathroom and I'd do it." This in spite of Demi even having her very own "sober companion," who was supposed to be watching her "24/7." So scary. She also elaborated on her addiction to alcohol ...

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    Body snark is elemental in the world of celebrity gossip. Some of us might abjure it, but we just can't help being fascinated by it. It's pretty gross, but also pretty much a truth universally understood.

    So it comes as no surprise that Jenelle Evans is under scrutiny. She posted a photo of herself, her son Jace, and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith, celebrating a happy Thanksgiving. Rather than comment on how refreshing it is to see the young mom and her family looking happy and healthy, people are kicking up a stink saying that Jenelle's "put on the pounds."

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    It's bad enough when you're admitted to a hospital for being so drunk that you can't function. Yeah, maybe you got yourself in that position, but also maybe you had no idea you would react that badly to too much alcohol. It can happen, especially when you're young. But now imagine you call a friend for support -- who happens to be a doctor -- and that man reportedly live tweets your intoxicated condition with mocking hashtags like, "Cuvee #bottle #service #gone #bad." A woman is suing a doctor for that exact scenario. And I don't blame her one bit.

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