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    I've done my fair share of eye-rolling when I see moms with huge fake breasts. I mean, the risk of surgery alone would be enough to deter me from having an elective cosmetic operation, but I could also think of about 4,000 other things that would be more worthy of spending that kind of money on than new big boobs.

    And honestly, are those women really doing it for themselves like they say?

    But after four kids and the pregnancy weight gain and weight loss, I have to admit that I now understand why women do it.

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    Christina Aguilera looks better than ever, and not just because she's reportedly lost 35 pounds according to Life & Style (or 49 pounds, according to other sources), but also thanks to a newfound confidence in her skin. While the diva has attributed her more petite physique to healthy eating and yoga, some have guessed her recent slimdown was achieved with liposuction. (I have to say, the thought crossed my mind, too ...) In response, sources from The Voice have come out swinging on the singer's behalf.

    "Christina didn’t get lipo. She’s worked hard to change her eating habits, and you can see the results,” one insider claims. Another friend notes: "The last thing Christina wants to hear is that people are talking about her losing weight with liposuction. She’s sick and tired of people assuming things about her body."

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    Remember that poor Ukrainian woman who spent a fortune on plastic surgery to look like Barbie? Well, now she has a Pamela Anderson wannabe to commiserate with.

    A 28-year-old from Liverpool named Carolyn Anderson has shelled out $31,000 to look like the 46-year-old  former Baywatch star.

    I don't know which part of the story is more shocking and sad. The fact that this young woman was so unsatisfied with herself to begin with or the fact that her idea of perfection is ... someone who has also had a fair amount of alteration.

    The transformation has been difficult and painful. Let's just say, super-sized breast implants and intense tanning beds don't mix. But in spite of painful complications, according to The Daily Mail, she's got another procedure planned and has no intention of stopping.

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    I recently read a sentimental piece about the 30 things every woman should have and know by 30. Shockingly, I could check many of those items off my to-do list. What's more shocking is that I'm not 30 anymore, not even close.

    A whole decade has passed. Where did it go? An amazing husband, multiple careers, a recession, two incredible children, and the blink of an eye later, I'm 40. There are many subtle yet life-changing differences a decade makes, which is why in my attempt to embrace existence (numberically speaking), I wrote this list. (This may not be as sentimental as its predecessor, but hey, I'm a humor columnist.)

    By 40, you should have …

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    Andrew Wardle has had a hard life. For starters, he was born without a penis. Do you really need more than that? But luckily for Wardle, there's now an operation that might give him what he was born without -- and allow him to finally have sex and start a family. And you won't believe how he's going to get this very important part of a man's anatomy. Reportedly, doctors would sculpt a man-member out of the flesh on his arm and then implant that in his groin.

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    Woman 1: Ow, oh, ow ow! Please wait (exasperated)! Let me take a breath.

    Woman 2: Give her a sec, Doctor, she almost squeezed my hand off.

    Holy shit, what is she doing in there, an amputation?

    Cosmetic Dermatologist: Did you have a natural childbirth?

    Woman 1: I don't have children.

    Cosmetic Dermatologist: Well, when you do, go natural. It'll boost your pain threshold, prepare you for stuff like this. Now, hold still, just seven more.

    Seven more?! Of what ... blood sucking leeches to the face? I don't think she can take it. Frankly, I don't know if I can take it. Why am I still sitting here on the table in the room next door? Is looking young that important?

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    Do you ever look in the mirror and think, "Who is that woman, and what did she do with me?" Or "Where did those lines come from?" And "Why do my wrinkles seem to be multiplying faster than Gremlins at a Summer Olympics?"

    I do.

    That's why on this week's episode of The Jenny Isenman Show, I'll discuss the best fixes for my most worthy adversaries: enlarged pores, wrinkles, sags, and cellulite, with the author of Forget the Facelift, Dr. Doris Day. Dr. Day has made numerous appearances on Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, and The View ... to name a few.

    She's even talked cutting-edge procedures with Barbara Walters on 20/20. I would totally stalk her if I had more time.

    Watch this episode after the jump and you'll learn:

    Why Botox in your neck is a kind of awesome trend, what the newest lasers and laser alternatives are, how heat energy can restore collagen and lift sagging areas, and the best fixes for uneven skin tone. Read More
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    So rumor has it Bachelorette Emily Maynard got a boob job before hitting it big with The Bachelor in 2010. I don't know if that's true or not, but I wouldn't be surprised: People have the same attitude about getting breast implants as they do getting a pedicure or having their roots touched up. Oh, I'm looking a little (fill-in-the-blank) lately; I think I'm going to make an appointment to have my (fill-in-the-blanks) done.

    But here's the thing: Getting your boobs done is really NOT on the same level as getting your toenails painted or even getting all of the hair in a certain area painfully ripped out. It's SURGERY. And like all surgery, it comes with serious risks.

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    Suzanne Somers discusses banking stem cellsSuzanne Somers has always been down with the most cutting edge health science -- some might argue going as far back as her Thighmaster days. E!'s The Soup may have hilariously teased her for it, joking that she's pawning edible organic tanning spray. But the woman knows what's up. She proved it again in her latest episode of Suzanne Somers Breaking Through on the CafeMom Studios YouTube channel.

    In the most recent installment, Somers sat down with Robin Smith, M.D., the CEO of Neostem, a group that deals with cellular therapies and stem cell banking. Dr. Smith explained why someone might want to bank their stem cells and how it's done. And seriously, after watching her one-on-one with Somers, I feel like I've been personally ushered into the future of medicine! 

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    Seems to me American women have really mixed emotions about breast implants. Some of us think they're ridiculous and unnecessary, while others say getting them can have an enormously positive effect on self-esteem and body image. Either way, we all have to admit there are potential health concerns linked to phony breasts.

    Consider what's going on in France, where there's major concern about a particular brand of silicone-gel filled breast implants (called Poly Implant Prothese, or PIP) that were taken off the market last year when the company misreported the type of silicon they used. Now, the French health authorities are currently trying to figure out whether or not they should suggest an estimated 30K women get their implants removed, after findings that more than 1,000 implants have ruptured, and eight women with the implants have gotten cancer.

    Here's what I want to know: How is this is even a question?! And if you assume we're safer by being across the pond, think again.

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