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    How do you poop? I know, I know, it's a horrifying, disgusting question that no one wants to answer, but it's also a key part of our health -- and 99 percent of us are probably doing it wrong.

    The fact is, toilets are a modern construct that come from our collective shame about bodily function. We SHOULD be squatting in the fields to eliminate waste, and if we did, we'd all be a lot happier.

    Gross, right? Yes. But our bodies are not designed to sit on the porcelain throne. Just look at the fact that 50 percent of Americans suffer from hemorrhoids. It's a terrible thought, but the reality is far worse. Trust me.

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    You never know who could be watching you while you're doing something totally gross, like picking your nose or squeezing your blackheads. That is, of course, unless you are a high(ish)-profile politician who is used to attending meetings in which TV cameras are positioned all over the room. Then there is no excuse for your disgusting behavior.

    Clearly, Congressman Joe Garcia from Florida did not get this message because he was recently caught on video picking his ear and then eating it. Wait, people actually do that? Of course, the footage quickly went viral and now it will be impossible for this man's colleagues to shake his hand without thinking, ew, I know where those fingers have been.

    What was he thinking?!

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    There's a reason bottles of nail polish that taste like arsenic fly off shelves. A great many of us are guilty of biting our nails when we're nervous, bored, or feeling insecure, and just as many of us are willing to apply what tastes like poison to our hands in order to get ourselves to stop.

    Well, if you count yourself among those whose hands always look disastrous as a result of your bad habit, there's another -- far more important -- reason why you should quit pronto: nail biting can cost you your health or life. John Gardener, a 40-year-old soccer referee, bit his nails so badly they bled and led to an infection that turned septic, causing him to suffer from a fatal heart attack.

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    I'm not a smoker. But I've known so many friends and family members -- including my mother and husband -- who struggled and succeeded in kicking the habit. I'm pretty sure they would tell you quitting cigarettes is one of the most difficult, if not the number one most difficult, thing they've ever had to do. And I'm talking about some strong-as-nails people here. For some, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have served as a godsend at times when they've felt desperate and on the verge of picking up a stick. But new laws, including one that was just passed in Los Angeles, are popping up across the country and are pretty much making it impossible for smokers to use this method to kick their habit.

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    Does this sound like you when you’re talking about your fitness? "I’m so out of shape." "I’m fat." "I could never do that." "I’m so slow/weak/unfit."

    I’d guess you don’t realize how often you’re saying these kinds of negative things about yourself. Whether you’re just listening to an internal critic or voicing your criticism aloud, it’s a huge detriment to your confidence and hinders your work out progress. Negative self-talk can become self-fulfilling prophecy -- if you tell yourself you're likely to fail, you probably will. With a positive attitude, you're less likely to give up on a workout and you're more likely to give it your all.

    If you want to get more out of hitting the gym, it's time to kill the negative self-talk. Don't know how? Here are 8 ways to kick negativity out of the way so it doesn't kill your workout.

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    Looks like Robert Pattinson seems to have resumed a nasty habit on the Toronto, Canada set of his new flick Life. Looking like he could be the stand-in for Jon Hamm on Mad Men, with a clean-shaven face and slicked-back 'do, Rob got into Don Draper mode in a different way ... He was photographed puffing away on a cigarette -- not on, but off-camera, during a break. Ugh.

    Wasn't it just last summer that he had supposedly "quit smoking for good"? Hadn't "working out ... helped him tremendously with regard to quitting smoking," after splitting with notorious on- and off-again smoker Kristen? Guess that's not the case anymore ... What a bummer!

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    In the year 2014, after so much bad press about fake tanning, you'd think the term "tanorexic" would be practically extinct. Not so. Despite the well-reported dangers, many still use tanning beds on the regular ... like 33-year-old Anna Taylor, who would tan for an hour every night, six times a week, for three years

    After more than 900 hours on a sunbed, she decided to switch to tanning lotion, but by then, it was too late. A year ago, doctors discovered a tiny spot on her face was a kind of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, reports The Daily Mail. And she was forced to have a surgery that required excision of part of her cheek, which required 29 stitches, which left in their wake a huge scar from her eye to her mouth. So. Horrible.

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    There’s no way to get around it: smoking is disastrous to our health. The proof is in the fact that even the strongest-looking, sturdiest of men have been weakened and ultimately destroyed by puffing on cigarettes.

    Eric Lawson, who represented the iconic Marlboro Man in the late 1970s and early 1980s, recently passed away at age 72 from lung disease. Eric started smoking at the crazy young age of 14 and, ironically, died from the very thing that brought him fame and several opportunities to guest star in popular TV programs. And sadly, but not surprisingly, Eric is one of several Marlboro Men to die from complications related to smoking.

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    We all know smoking is dangerous for our health. So why do people smoke anyway? The answer is complicated. But that doesn't change one simple thing: Everyone who smokes should quit. And if scary photos of people dying and black lungs don't do the job, maybe this anti-smoking ad campaign will. It's not exactly new, but it's making the rounds again and spreading like wildfire for its radical approach. Instead of scaring us out of smoking, it disarms us with little kids.

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    In case you've ever thought alcohol isn't as dangerous as hard drugs like meth, heroin, or cocaine, think again. It's alcohol that has completely destroyed the health of this mother of four, who, at 35-years-old, looks much, much older, and lives in a nursing home with round the clock care due the ravages of alcoholism. Sadly, she is dying and her four children will never have a mother.

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