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    Ever gotten some really crazy, unsolicited advice about how to care for your child's eczema? People say a lot of dumb things when they are actually trying to be helpful. As the old saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Well, so is the road to a mom hating you. Check out the 7 things you should NEVER say to a mom of a kid with eczema.

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    For the parent of a child who suffers from seizures, every second of an attack feels like an eternity. There are so few options for children who have epilepsy or other disorders that cause seizures. Naturally, if one comes along and it has proven to work for other children, parents are going to seize upon it. In Colorado, an oil infused with a special pot strain is causing joy and controversy after it has reportedly helped several children who experience seizures. The pot is called Charlotte's Web because it is named after a child who had as many as 300 grand mal seizures a week, used a wheelchair, and went into cardiac arrest several times as the result of a rare genetic disorder called Dravet's Syndrome. After ingesting the oil, which doesn't provide a high like regular marijuana, Charlotte's parents say she can walk, talk, and has been largely free of seizures.

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    Ugh, it's that time of year again! And sadly, not just Halloween decorating or pumpkin-picking or Pumpkin Spice Latte-sipping time ... It's also that seasonal shift when colds, flu, and all other manner of annoying and debilitating bugs can strike at a moment's notice! One minute you're feelin' awesome, the next, you'd rather be glued in bed than do anything else.

    Thankfully, when it comes to contending with cold and flu season, you do not have to grin and bear it. You can lean on one or several of these 8 awesome, all-natural immunity-boosters that could easily have you back to your old self in no time!

    Check 'em out ...

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    Adults in China are allegedly hiring wet nurses ... for themselves! According to a Chinese newspaper, adults in poor health are hiring wet nurses for themselves at the rate of $1,900 to 3,200 a month through a company that also provides nannies, nurses, and tutors. 

    While it's likely this story is fabricated, the idea of adults intentionally drinking human breast milk is a fascinating one -- and not altogether crazy. It actually makes more sense to consume the milk we were intended to drink as our bodies are not designed or equipped to process another mammal's milk. It explains why dairy gives so many people tummy trouble.

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    Is it just me, or does it seem like every other kid these days is diagnosed with ADHD? I’ll admit it … I used to be one of those people that thought it was a made-up “disorder” for bratty kids. Then I married someone with ADHD -- and believe me -- ADHD is real. But how real is it?

    In the United States, nearly one in every five high school boys is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Over 10 percent of school-aged children overall have it. ADHD is up 16 percent over the past five years and 41 percent over the past decade.

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    4 Reasons Why Yoga Isn't a Religion

    posted by Adriana Velez February 21, 2013 at 7:15 PM in Healthy Living
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    So here's a funny story. The Encinitas United School District in California started an in-school yoga program. You know, because it's fun and relaxing and helps kids focus and all that. But some families got their pants all up in a bunch over the whole idea -- because they think yoga is a religious practice, and what about separation of church and state, and now it's time to sue the school district. Yup, a family just filed a lawsuit to stop the yoga classes.

    SIGH. I know this isn't the last time I'm going to say this, but here goes: Yoga is not a religion -- certainly not the way it's being practiced in the Encinitas schools, where it's taught as a physical fitness program. Don't these people have better things to do than sue over YOGA?!? Oh my god, this lawsuit is so freakin' stupid, I feel like ... I need to ... OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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    Hey, I'm the first person to admit my complete and total addiction to coffee. A day without coffee is like ... a day without prolonged periods of wakefulness, in my case. Meaning: I depend on the stuff to function. Or at least I thought I did, until I heard Mike and Trina's story. Because this St. Petersburg, Florida couple really does depend on coffee to function, to a shocking degree. No joke.

    I know what you're thinking: How much coffee can these people possibly drink? But that's just it -- neither Mike nor Trina actually drinks coffee at all. They believe that drinking coffee is "bad for their health." So they give themselves (brace yourself) coffee enemas. At least 100 coffee enemas per month. Each.

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    Is there such a thing as too sexy? (I mean, besides that one song.) Apparently the answer is yes -- at least if you're talking about a breast cancer public service announcement. Like the one from Chile that's currently getting people all hot and bothered, which is basically a video montage of buxom ladies from the neck down with the tagline: "If we like them so much, we should take care of them. Make a woman get a breast exam."

    Okay, I get the concept here -- from a man's perspective, anyway. Hey, look, boobies! We like those! We don't want boobies to go away!! I'll give this one a C+ for effort, but that's all. Not because I think it's too sexy, but because it misses the point.

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    Considering the amount of ibuprofen I consume on a regular basis combined with the number of times I find myself saying "What?!" per day, my initial reaction to news of a study linking women's use of pain relievers such as the aforementioned ibuprofen to long-term hearing loss was one of, let's say, alarm. Especially considering that this latest research, which also implicates acetaminophen, seems to think that "twice-a-week" is a regular basis. I don't know about you, but in my life the urge to reach for painkillers occurs more like twice-an-hour. And I really do wonder if I'm going deaf sometimes, though it's possible I'm just developing "selective hearing," that classic physical manifestation of mommy burnout ("MOM! MOMMOMOMOM!!!" "Oh, sorry sweetie, I didn't hear you.").

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    The cure for cancer may be a ways off, but a young biologist in Madrid identified a plant with quite a bit of promise at slowing the disease. Yes, it's the very same plant that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency considers at the top of its schedule of controlled substances: Marijuana. Cristina Sanchez found that aggressive brain cancer cells died every time they were exposed to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) -- the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana -- and other "cannabinoids." 

    Believe it or not ... This happened back in 1998. And ever since, mounting evidence all over the globe has concurred that marijuana shows major promise for slowing cancer growth -- even going so far as to directly attack tumors -- as well as manage many cancer symptoms (nausea, pain, loss of appetite, fatigue). 

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