Is Your Family Ready for a Disaster?

first aid kitWith all of the natural disasters happening lately, I've realized just how unprepared I'd be if something was to happen close to home.

My first aid kit consists of nothing more than a few bandages, and I have a flashlight...somewhere.

Woman's Day put together a checklist of things to have to prepare your family in case of an emergency:

  1. Have a Kit: Make sure you have everything you need on hand, including medications and medical supplies. Keep a list of family and emergency contact information, and don't forget other essentials such as extra set of keys, map of the area, and activities for the kids.

  2. Make a Plan: Hold a family meeting to discuss how you should respond in the event of an emergency and designate meeting places.

  3. Be Informed: Take classes in first aid and CPR.

Check out Woman's Day's website for more tips on preparing for a disaster.

If a disaster struck your area today, would you be prepared?

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