Skinny Jeans Hazardous to Our Health!

Skinny jeans with high heels can be a dangerous outfit, according to some medical experts. Talk about a fashion emergency!


That's because the tightness of the pants compresses the femoral cutaneous nerve that runs through the thigh, causing some women to experience tingling and burning in the leg. (It's unknown as to whether other tight articles of legwear—tights, jeggings, stretch pants, etc.—cause a similar reaction.)

The good news? Pressure can be relieved immediately. You'll never guess how: By removing the pants.

Ladies, if your skinny jeans are so tight that your legs are falling asleep, please, buy the next size. There's absolutely no shame in that. 

We all have to make some sacrifices for beauty, but not when our health is concerned!

Have you ever experienced a tingling in the leg when wearing skinny jeans?

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