U.S. Surgeon General: Dress Size Isn't Everything

Dr. Regina Benjamin

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Many people harshly attacked President Obama's choice for Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, saying that the nation's top doctor shouldn't be so overweight. Dr. Benjamin recently spoke out against these critics, explaining that health and fitness is about much more than dress size...


MSNBC.com recently talked to Dr. Benjamin about the Obama Administration's war on obesity and how to talk to our kids about sensitive issues like weight. Here's what she said when asked if she was hurt by the comments about her body size.

I’m very secure in my own self esteem, but yes, it was hurtful. There were some mean comments. But what about those kids who will be looking at me as a role model? They may be very discouraged by some of those comments. I exercise regularly, at least four days a week. If I didn’t I probably would be a big blimp. And I try to eat pretty healthy, as much as I can. I know the things that I’m doing. I tend to stay on the elliptical as long as other people. I’m not out of breath. You can be healthy and fit at different sizes. The real message is that you don’t want to limit yourself by your dress size. You need to be comfortable with yourself and have a good body image. Don’t have some dress manufacturer tell you what size to be. Be a size that makes you fit.

I love her comments and am so happy she choose to address this issue in such a positive, realistic way. This echoes what a lot of CafeMom.com readers often say: Dress size shouldn't matter; what matters is having a healthy body and a healthy body image, too.

What do you think about Dr. Benjamin's comments? Is this how you tend to think about body image and weight?

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