Kelly Osbourne: Being Fat Worse Than Drug Addiction

Kelly Osbourne, who recently lost 42 pounds, tells Us Weekly that she "took more hell" for being fat than for being a drug addict.

Can't say I'm at all surprised by this comment: Our culture is obsessed with appearance and tends to look the other way when it comes to addiction. But that didn't stop it from making me sad: Why is it acceptable to make fun of people—famous or not—for their weight?


I'll admit that I'm guilty of this. Specifically, I'm prejudiced when it comes to celebrities and their weight. I assume that because they have more money than I do, they should be able to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist and get their weight under control ASAP. Failure to do so just means they are lazy and content with being unhealthy.

But this assumption is oversimplifying a not-so-simple situation. In fact, more often than not, a person's body size is connected to much more complicated issues that have nothing at all to do with whether or not they are lazy. When we make fun of someone for being too fat or too skinny, we are ignoring a warning sign of potentially bigger problems.

Maybe we should stop being so concerned with the surface and be more sympathetic to what's underneath. At least that's what I'm going to do the next time my People Magazine comes in the mail.

I'm just happy to see that Kelly seems to be healthy and happy with herself. Plus, I love her as a blond!

Do you think Kelly Osbourne looks great? What do you think about her overweight vs. drug addiction comment?

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