Would You Flash Your Boobs for Mardi Gras Beads?


mardi gras beads

I can't say I get the "boob flash in exchange for beads" tradition that has always been so popular down in New Orleans especially during Mardi Gras. Don't women understand: it's just a string of plastic beads?

Admittedly, I've never been on Bourbon Street for Fat Tuesday. But I did make it down for the Jazz Fest festivities one year. And, yes, I thought New Orleans was incredibly exciting and one of the most fun cities that I've ever visited. And, yes, some of my friends may have been unable to resist the temptation to expose their chests for a free necklace. But I never felt the urge to do the same, and I haven't regretted my decision even once.

So, please, explain it to me: What the heck is the allure of getting half-naked for beads?

(Oh, and according to Nola.com, the best way to get free beads is to attend the Mardi Gras parade because float-riders throw them out into the crowd. No flashing necessary. Just something to keep in mind.)

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lilan... lilangel2505

Though I'm more than sure that men would love to see my boobs since they're huge, I wouldn't flash them just for a hunk of plastic.

toria... toriandgrace

I don't get it. No, I wouldn't do it, particularly now that I'm married..

momof... momoflilangel

no I wouldn't. You can buy 8 of these necklaces at the dollar tree for $1.

Alizz... Alizzie_Mom

I would never do it but I live here so I see it all the time. Well a lot of those women are drunk. If you've ever been to Mardi gras in New Orleans then you know that there are drunk women & men laying on the streets sleeping. Alcohol is powerful. Also it's not about the "plastic beads." It's about having fun and being a rebel. Tourist get to flash their breast and no one back home will ever know.


nonmember avatar casualobserver

No, I never would. Like a previous person said - it all has to do with alcohol. (And with cell phone cameras etc., there's no such thing as "no one at home will ever find out".) It has to do with alcohol, peer pressure, and wanting to seem "cool" and uninhibited to the surrounding males. Women are trying to lure men, and when they get wasted, they get begged for a flash, and they mimic behavior they've already heard about/seen, because the most predominant, recent, role modeling is the behavior that wins out. The brain on alcohol isn't conjuring new behaviors - it acts out the most recently modeled behaviors, so when wasted, they "remember" that behavior, and do it because it "seems right" (as in "commonplace".)

Momof... Momof3cuties

Would never do it....not sure why they do...it's beyond me!!  Not enough alcohol in the free world to make me flash my boobs for some plastic beads. 

nmmama09 nmmama09

I was just thinking about this when I watched an episode of cops. They were filming women flashing and I thought "All that for some beads? The men had them to so unless they were flashing their goodies, there obviously is another way to get them. Like walk into a store and buy them?! But I agree with others, blame it on the alcohol!!

MadsM... MadsMom04

I think the other women said it. It's all about being anonomys in a city where no one knows you and you can do something completely crazy! Would I do it? YEP!

nonmember avatar Maria

I never flashed, but all my friends think I did because I came home with a ton of beads, but the truth is, I stood next to women who were flashing and when the guys would throw beads off the balconies at them, I would snatch them first if I could...I ended up with about 75 beads and never showed a thing.

rosei... roseisrose

No way, not my style at all.

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