Angelina Jolie Does It: Get Started on Wii Fit

ComotionGirl used Wii Fit to get into this dress.

Angelina Jolie used Wii Fit (and rumor has it, a tummy tuck, too) to burn off her baby weight. And she's not the only one obsessed with the game--Nintendo's sold 10 million copies. Also very cool: The CafeMom group, Wii Fit Mom's.

Meanwhile, I am intimidated. The last video console I used was made by Atari. I wish I knew how to get started on Wii Fit.


I went to Wii Fit Mom's group owner ComotionGirl for answers. Before she got pregnant, she lost 15 pounds with her Wii. And she's still going strong to get her exercise during pregnancy.

Cafe Kristen: My husband is obsessed with Wii, but I have no idea how to even turn the thing on. Is it easy?

ComotionGirl: My husband is a video game FREAK! I think we have every system available.  I on the other hand have NEVER played anything except solitaire on my computer.  When we got the Wii, I was very intimidated, too. I watched for a LONG time before I would try anything. He started me on bowling which was very easy. After getting comfortable with that, I moved on to other to sports games. It wasn't long after that that Wii Fit came out, and my husband got it for me.

Cafe Kristen: Why did you want Wii Fit?

ComotionGirl: I was trying to lose weight to fit into a dress because I was in a wedding. I set up the system one day when no one was home and I figured it out.  This whole thing is geared to people like me who don't have a clue. I found it SUPER easy to use.  And within a few minutes I was working out. One month later, I had lost the last 15 pounds I needed to lose and fit into a dress I had NO business wearing =:) My mom even has one and she loves it as well.

Cafe Kristen: Cool. So what do you love about it so much?

ComotionGirl: I love that it is easy to use.  It also keeps track of my weight and my BMI. I really like that I can do a variety of different things.  One day I can stretch and do yoga, one day I can do aerobics and the next to strength training and Pilates.

Cafe Kristen: What are your favorite Wii workouts?

ComotionGirl: My favorite is the step aerobics and advanced step and even the free step. I can get my heart rate going in my living room even when its snowing outside!!!

Cafe Kristen: How often do you fit in Wii, and how do you squeeze in time?

ComotionGirl:  I try to use it several times a week. I do have to fight my kids and husband to use it. I try to get up early and weigh in and use it then. Occasionally I will squeeze in some Wii Time at nap time! My DH uses it at night, and my kids use it during the day.

I'm convinced. Now I just have to save some serious cash. My husband has the Wii ($289 on Amazon), and the Wii Fit game costs $121.99. And that doesn't even include the Yoga Mat for $27.99.

What do you think about Wii Fit?

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