The Quick Love Handle Work Out

Here's an easy-does-it exercise video.

A CafeMom recently asked for the best way to get rid of love handles, which is an understandable pre-Thanksgiving question. I know I want to feel better about my bod before I reach for the pumpkin pie. My only problem is that life gets so hectic these weeks before the big holiday. That's why I was psyched to find the 4-Minute Love Handle Work Out on FitSugar.


I got a little sweaty when I tried it. Plus, it was a nice break from my busy day, though my kids looked at me funny when I did the Thread the Needle move. Instead of dumbells, which I've misplaced again, I used the refried bean cans we're having in tonight's burritos. With my midsection in mind, I'll take it easy on the sour cream.

What exercise do you work into your hectic day?

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