Cut Out the Caffeine!

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It's noon as I'm writing this, and I am just now getting my first cup of coffee for the day (yes, I've been that busy). Zing! I feel awake now. Rejuvenated. Ready to take on the world.

Clearly, I'm one of those people that enjoy, no need, my caffeine.


However, a lot of people I know have it as their resolutions to cut out caffeine completely. My thought to that is, "Are you crazy?!" but then they go over the health benefits, blah blah blah. My eyes glaze over as I reach for my Starbucks.

For those of you that are trying to cut out caffeine from your diet, Momversation has some great tips:

  • Wean yourself off of caffeine. Don't try to go cold turkey off of caffeine.  You'll experience withdrawal symptoms (like headaches) that will send you right back into your habit.  Instead, taper off your use over a two-week (or more) period, and try not to cry too much during this time.

  • Use nutritious sources of energy. Instead of relying caffeine for a boost, try noshing on foods that give you energy, like almonds, dried fruits, and oatmeal.  Or go wild and combine the three for a taste-bud-blowing experience.

  • Drink water. Stay hydrated and alleviate caffeine-withdrawal symptoms by drinking some clear, cool H2O.  It's good for you, too, kids!

Check out the rest of the tips on Momversation's website.

Do you have to have caffeine in your diet or are you able to function without?

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