Is Size 12 Considered Fat?

celluliteItscool2recycle posed a fascinating question about body size and image this week in The Cafe. She said:

"Is 5'5" and Size 12 considered fat and unhealthy? I thought it was average and realistic."


Here are some of my favorite responses from CafeMoms:

  • LILTIGERS: I don't think pants size makes you fat or skinny. It's how you can be untoned and a size 8, but someone else who wears a size 12 and toned might look's just how you carry it. Plus, if you are happy with yourself DONT LET ANYBODY CHANGE THAT!
  • Mandipants: You gotta have perspective. I'm a personal trainer...and I see a LOT of women who are fixated on height and weight and size without looking at the bigger picture of themselves. It matters not what size you wear. What matters is having a healthy body image and a healthy body. I know other trainers at one gym I work at that are size 12's and they look damn good in their pants. I happen to wear a size 4 and I am in good shape, but you'd be surprised at what I weigh (let's just say it is not in the Hollywood starlet range of 105). I have a friend who is my height and weighs 10 pounds less than I do but wears size 10's...see what I'm sayin'?

  • Drawers33: Nope! Not fat at all. I love love love my curves. You should love yours too! Stick figure women and that image being in the media as "ideal" is so overrated. Real women have curves.
  • Denise3680: I think women are too hung up on weight. Who says that you have to be 5'6" and 100 pounds? Personally, I think these skinny chicks are taking it way overboard. Look at the celebrities. They really need to eat. How is it attractive to see your ribs and spinal cord? Yuck! Losing weight should not be based on how someone else perceives how you look but on how you feel and look at yourself. If you are a little big by your standards, then change it. If you don't like the sound of "Size 12," then don't say it. Just try pants on and whatever makes you feel sexy, then that's it.

What do you think? Do you think Size 12 is "fat"?

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