Feel-Good Tees in Times of Change

I'm courageous, just not on roller-coasters.

A friend sent me photos of these Tees For Change shirts ($32) that made me smile today. They also have a onesie that reminds Baby to dream big.

Even cooler, the company was started by a mom who had originally wanted a home birth, but was scared after hearing many negative comments. She did it anyway--successfully--in 2007.


Andrea Ayers designed a Be Courageous tee that caught on with her friends and then more people wanted one. Be sure to check out CafeMoms' brave birthing stories in the Pregnancy Buzz.

Andrea's line of eco-friendly clothes come in pretty colors with two-word, mood-busting sayings that could've come straight from a shrink's mouth.

Do you have any clothes that automatically put you in a better mood?

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