One CafeMom Goes Green: Week 5

cloth diapersScience_Spot recently made the decision to go all green in her household and blog about it along the way.

This week, she tells us about her continuous search for an all-natural remedy for her baby daughter's painful diaper rash.


The search for a new method of cleaning Sarah during diaper changes is still underway. Having discussed this with my dear friend Maria, she sent me a gift sample of Booty Cubes for Sarah's butt. Maria has recently switched from disposable to cloth diapers, and has been writing about her transition on her blog "Fitteds and pockets and snappis, oh my!"; if you want to read about the many options in cloth diapering, this is a great place to start.

I immediately mixed up a small batch and put it in a new spray bottle. I also made my own re-useable wipes, for free. I cut up two old baby bath towels into 8" squares. From two towels, I got 24 squares, which should be plenty to get me started. I didn't even have to hem them; they did not unravel in the wash.


Sarah's new diapering product options!

I tried this new natural system for a few days while I continue to finish the supply of Huggies wipes. I am not sure I will be able to convince my husband to use a cloth wipe on a poopy-butt and then throw it in with the laundry. I haven't done this myself, either. I have used the cloth wipes and Booty Cubes spray after a wet diaper, and I am not very happy with the strong scent. As I suspected, this fragrance is causing the red butt to return, despite the fact that everything else in there appears to be all-natural. I would like to try using soapy water again, after we run out of this free sample gift, because I won't be buying Booty Cubes for this girl's red butt! (Thank you so much, Maria, for giving us the sample! You're the best, as always.)

As for myself, I have been using the Burt's Bees lip balm for a week now and I absolutely love it! At first it felt too waxy, compared to the really soft, creamy Avon cherry lip balms I used to love (dozens of times a day). I put the Burt's on pretty thick and enjoy the peppermint tingle (even my husband noticed it after a quick kiss). Now that my lips are used to the new lip balm, I only need to apply it about 2-3 times a day. Truly a fabulous product; I went out and bought two more and have no regrets on donating my old stash of cherry red ones!

I have also been using the Burt's Bees soaps I purchased for a couple weeks now. I have noticed my skin is much softer and my facial and body moisturizer consumption has decreased a lot! I still have many, itchy hives, but these typically last for months at a time, so I am not worried yet by their persistence. Their presence is a continuous reminder I am doing the right thing transitioning to all-natural!

The best part of this transition is that I am gaining support from my older daughter, Abby. She has occasional, mild eczema that is easily put to rest by a few days of Eucerin Crème Ointment when needed. Although she is not having any dryness currently, she is very interested in my new soap, especially because it lathers so well, and well, it's new. I let her try it in the shower last night, and she really likes it, but I am not sure if it is due to the soap itself or how funny it is to try to hold onto in the shower.


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