Counting Calories in Your New Year's Eve Toast

champagneIf you're celebrating New Year's with a drink in hand and a diet in mind, you might want to consider the calorie counts of some popular alcoholic beverages.


I just took a quiz over at Fit Sugar, and failed it miserably, but here's what I found out:

1. A 5-ounce cosmopolitan contains 24 calories.

2. An 8-ounce mojito contains 175 calories.

3. A 6-ounce chocolate martini contains 438 calories! Yikes!

4. An 8-ounce rum and coke contains 246 calories.

5. A 6-ounce margarita on the rocks contains 168 calories.

6. A 6-ounce gin and tonic contains 128 calories.

If I drink anything this New Year's Eve, it will probably be some champagne (a 4-ounce glass has about 90 calories).

Will you be toasting to the New Year? Are you concerned about calories?

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