I Never Recycle: So What?

recycleI always recycle, but I never knew it was such a controversial issue. People are chattering away in Answers in response to IhartU's declaration that she never ever recycles. She says, "I pay a garbage bill and should be able to throw out whatever I want. It's a pain to peel off labels, wash out cans—it's easier to throw it all out every week."

Here, the highlights of this heated debate.


"So you don't give a wink about the potential harm to your children and grandchildren? It is a pain. It's a hassle. It's a sacrifice. But the way I see it, If sorting my garbage can make life easier for the loved ones that come behind me, it's a small pain! I love my family enough to do my part!" — freedomthinks

"I don't care about recycling. I'm not going to have two trash cans in my kitchen. I'm not gonna go through my trash and pick out stuff either."— ryanlynn

"Laziness is such a great example for our children. Did I mention slothfulness too? Just throw it in a separate bag—how difficult is that? Or keep doing what you're doing and let the rest of the world pick up after you." — blundermonkey

"'We do not inherit the land from out ancestors, we borrow if from our children.' Remember that." — SaraP1989

"I recycle only when its not a hassle—so sue me! But if I have to go way out of my way, I don't. It wastes more gas if I have to go to the recycle bin sometimes. They can grow more trees. They can't make more oil for gas." — anonymous

"I recycle, it's not hard and it's good for the Earth. Why not recycle? What's so hard about it?" — harteri

"People who do not recycle should be forced to pick up garbage off the streets" — anonymous

"People who recycle should be forced to clean up the toxic chemicals they're spewing into the air." — anonymous

Do you recycle? Why or why not?

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