When Your Candidate Didn't Win

The Ron Clark Academy kids will make you smile.

Today, Obama Mamas have happiness hangovers after staying up too late, cheering with their televisions. But what about our friends and family members from the other camp? McCain Mavericks surely feel the sting, like getting passed over on the kickball field.

One thing's for sure, CafeMoms have been passionate about politics. But now it's over, and since only one side can claim the prize, someone has to deal with post-election depression, or at least some form of disappointment over yesterday's vote.


Ceandcsmom summed it up a few days ago when she asked how moms would feel if their candidate didn't win. One anonymous mom said she'd be really upset if her prez lost. Another wise mom, caitxrawks, advised, "It's all just a little nerve-wracking right now. Don't let it get to you."

I called Elayne Savage, Ph.D., author of Don't Take It Personally! The Art of Dealing with Rejection for advice to get you feeling better by the end of the day.

  1. Try not to take the loss so personally. Dwelling on it takes a huge amount of energy. Is there something good in your life you can dwell on instead?
  2. Think what we have in common. The political campaign encourages polarization, an "us versus them" mentality. This election went on for two years, so wounds run long and deep. But think, 'Are people, including people in both parties, really good or bad?' Most of us aren't Mother Theresa or The Grinch. Like Maya Angelou famously writes, "We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike."
  3. Find one thing you can appreciate or respect about Obama. Just one. Concentrate on that attribute or contribution or good idea. Avoid negative thoughts. They only make you feel lousy.
  4. Remember how tough you are. Think of previous disappointments, and how you got over them. This is no different. It takes time, and disappointment fades.

Still feeling that pang? Read this great article on Shine about moving on and getting over the election.

How do you feel today? I'm just glad it's finally over. Are you?

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