"Too Skinny" Comments: Are They Rude?

skinnyWhen it comes to body image, obviously comments like, "Wow, you're fat!" or "Are you trying to be overweight?" are hurtful and inappropriate. But what about "too skinny" comments. Are they just as rude?


KristaRene talks about being offended when people point out how thin she is by saying stuff like:

  • "Wow, you've had two kids, you're so skinny."
  • "Do you try to stay that thin?"
  • "You should eat some more, you're too skinny."
  • "That's all you're gonna eat."

She thinks these skinny comments are just as offensive as "too fat" comments. She says: "You get what you got, and I never got to chose my body type, just like girls who struggle with being on the bigger side didn't get to chose...Why is it that people think it's OK to make comments on it? I would never say 'Maybe you shouldn't eat that much, you're pretty big as it is.' or 'Wow, you're getting pretty fat, are you trying to gain that much weight.' What gives?"

Personally, I can't say I've ever thought of it in this way, but I think I might just agree with KristaRene!

Are "too skinny" comments as offensive as comments about being fat or overweight? Or is incorrect to compare the two because being "too skinny" in our society is more socially accepted than being overweight?

What do you think?

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