Move of the Week: Ahhhhh...Mini Massages

Sore after a workout or looking to relieve some stress? All you need to massage away pain and tension are two tennis balls.


The following six mini-massages will help to ease and relax your back, neck, feet, wrists, and knees.

  • Lower Back Loosener: Place two balls on either side of your spine near the lower back. Prop yourself up on your forearms and roll balls up and down the lower back.
  • Neck Nurturer: Sit on the edge of a chair. Hold the ball in your right hand and turn your head to the right, pressing the ball into the left side of your neck. Turn head slowly to face the ball and feel tension melt away.
  • Sole Saver: Standing upright, place ball under your right foot. Using a chair for balance, put your weight on right foot and roll the ball around. Repeat with the left foot
  • Wrist Rescuer: Place balls in bag and tie in loose knot. Kneel, place balls on the ground, and place forearm in between balls. Rock arm back and forth.
  • Knee Fixer: Lie on your side. Put ball underneath your thigh. Cross leg other leg over top and mow ball along outer thigh.
  • Upper Back Relaxer. Standing against a wall, place balls on either side of your spine near your bra strap. Press into balls while you squat down and raise arms over head.

How do you ease pain and tension?

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