'The Biggest Loser' Finale: The Winner Is...

Danny! Oh my god, how fantastic did he look! I'm so excited for him. Here were some of my other reactions to last night's Biggest Loser finale...

  • Do you like Rebecca's makeover and her new blond 'do? I'm on the fence about it myself.
  • And speaking of Rebecca...are she and Daniel still dating? They looked awkward around each other.
  • Did anyone else feel like Tracey maybe lost a little too much weight? She looks very, very skinny to me.
  • I loved the offer made to Shay—$1,000 for every pound she loses. I hope she continues to loose weight.
  • I thought Abby looked sooooo beautiful. How is it possible that I still cry every time they show her?

What did you think of The Biggest Loser finale?

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