One CafeMom Goes Green: Week 2

diapersScience_Spot recently made the decision to go all green in her household and blog about it along the way.

This week, she tells us about trying to get her baby some—natural!—relief from persistent diaper rash.


Each week, Science_Spot updates us on her family's natural transition. This week, she reports about trying to get her baby, Sarah, some relief from diaper rash.

The big question this week is: where to start. It turns out that was a pretty easy question to answer, as some symptoms become more pronounced and there is a sense of urgency now.

Sarah's on-again, off-again diaper rash has gotten so bad so quickly, she now runs from me whenever she sees the (Huggies brand) wipes container in my hand. Having tried four different diaper ointments, now even the "premium" Boudreaux's Butt Paste has her screaming when I use it. This stuff is supposed to make it better, not worse! I am going to have to do something for Sarah right away; she needs new solutions for diaper wipes, rash control and bathing. I have run out of Johnson's Baby Wash, anyways.

As an immediate, temporary solution to the wipes problem, I started using just damp paper towels to wipe her red butt, followed by 5 minutes of drying time (AKA run around like a funny, happy, naked baby). I figured I needed to protect her butt from the wetness in the diaper also, so I decided some mostly-natural (although petroleum-derived) Vaseline could be the solution. After a couple of days, this method kept the rash from getting worse, but it wasn't getting better, either. Not quite the easy-win I was looking for.

Maybe the key to getting Sarah some rash relief is in the soap. Since having run out of Johnson's Baby Wash, I have been using my Dove Cucumber Body Wash on Sarah as well (temporarily). I would like to use the same (gentle, natural) soap for myself and both girls, so getting a new soap for Sarah is also a new soap for me! I need something for my body, and something for my face. It's possible I can also use the natural bar soap for hands as well, which will reduce my product usage even further.

This week has left me a little frustrated with how the baby rash is going, but I am excited to start trying some new soaps!

Are you thinking about making a natural transition in your household? How do you control diaper rash naturally?


Going Green: One CafeMom's Natural Transition

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