Busy Moms: What Would You Do With 30 Minutes of Free Time?

coffee cupBusy moms, do you feel like you never get a break, especially when most hours of the day are spent changing diapers, running after the kids, cleaning, cooking and doing laundry?

It might sound crazy, but even moms need a few minutes each day to themselves to de-stress and re-energize.

If you could have, say, 30 minutes of time to yourself, how would you spend it?


I love this advice that TeaAnderson gave to a stressed mom who felt like she didn't have any time to rest:

Take little moments, on purpose, to rest and relax. Sometimes 10 minutes with a warm drink and a magazine or a half hour in the tub before bed can make a huge difference. And it's OK to intentionally let a few things go if it means that you get a few minutes to rest throughout your day. Often, it even helps you get more done when you are working a lot.

So how are you supposed to get a few minutes to yourself? CafeMoms have offered the following tips:

  • Wake up a half hour earlier than your earliest-riser so you can have a few moments to yourself in the morning.
  • Arrange for a spouse, partner, neighbor, family member, or friend to watch the kids so that you can get out of the house for an hour. Even if it's just running to the grocery store, at least you will have a few moments of "alone time."
  • Offer to watch another mom's kids one week with the promise that you can trade-off and she will watch yours the next, etc.
  • When the kids go down for a nap or for the night, ignore the laundry and dirty dishes and take some time to do something that makes you happy: reading, exercising, CafeMom(!).

Are these tips realistic for your life? Do you ever have time to yourself? What would you do with 30 minutes of "alone time" without the kids?

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