Puffs Work Great on Noses ... and Spiders

child learning to blow nose

Photo by Peajewel

The following is a guest post from our sponsor Puffs.

We recently sent Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong tissues to a handful of CafeMoms and asked them for their honest opinions.  

All agreed that to them, Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong tissues seemed stronger than other tissues they'd used.

"Definitely had a stronger and softer feel than the store brand I usually buy," says AgentBrez.

"They don't tear as easily!" Aidensmomma508 added.

 We know that every mom keeps a supply of tissues handy, so we also asked them some questions about how they use tissues in their everyday lives. We got some pretty funny replies.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?


"Squishing a spider." -- cozycabinmom

"I bought the wrong pen refill size and shoved tissue up in the pen so the refill wouldn't keep sinking into the pen." -- LadyKiki

"I use tissues for makeup and also cleaning in a jiff!" -- Aidensmomma508

"I once had to use it as a maxi-pad in an "emergency" type situation. I folded about four tissues together and got home without a problem." -- MomIWant


What are some of the strangest things you've used tissues for?

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