Day After Thanksgiving: Getting the Diet Back on Track

thanksgiving dietListen to how unhealthy we are in my family on Thanksgiving: First, we eat our big Thanksgiving dinner around 1 p.m. Afterward, we clean-up, watch football, play board games, and digest. Then, sometime around 7 p.m., we get all the leftovers out of the refrigerator and repeat.

Are you counting? That's TWO Thanksgiving dinners in one day. Guess who's Googling "Diet" this morning...


Here are some tips I found on about getting back to a healthy routine the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Eat a good, healthy breakfast.
  • Make time for a good, post-Thanksgiving workout.
  • Plan "active" holiday fun for the rest of the weekend—ice skating, shopping on Black Friday—instead of food-centered activities like baking holiday cookies.
  • Stay away from the Thanksgiving leftovers. If you can't resist the cravings, at least combine healthy foods with your leftovers: a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, a small helping of stuffing with a large green salad.
  • Don't get down on yourself. One day of splurging is not going to ruin your diet. It's time to forgive yourself for yesterday and concentrate on getting back to your healthy routine.

Did you overeat yesterday? How do you get back to a healthy routine the day after Thanksgiving?


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