Learn How EA SPORTS Active Helped This Family Get Healthy

The following is a post from our sponsor: EA SPORTS.

EA SPORTS Active helped Michele and her family "get Active" for a healthier lifestyle.

In the last few years, I have struggled with trying to live a healthy lifestyle for me and for my family. I can convince myself of the benefits of working out and eating healthy, but it's much more difficult to convince my family (especially my kids) that eating healthy foods and working out is a lot more fun than eating candy and playing video games. 


When I saw that EA SPORTS was coming out with an interactive fitness product for the Wii, I jumped on it. I hoped I could convince my family to use the Wii. I purchased EA SPORTS Active Personal Trainer the day it came out and put it in the Wii when the kids got home from school. I didn't ask them to play, I just worked out and slowly one by one (I have four), they came in to see why Mom was jumping around so much. They all wanted to play along and fought over who gets to play next. That was my strategy for getting my family hooked and as you can see in this video, it worked.

I completed the 30 day workout and lost 6 pounds and 6 inches, but more importantly, I continued to workout because it was fun. And I noticed a few other benefits:

  • More energy throughout my day.
  • I wanted to eat healthier because I felt better.
  • I looked forward to my workouts instead of dreading them.
  • My kids began to ask me lots of questions about healthy foods. Which foods are healthy? Which foods are not good for you?

The best benefit for me was running a 5k with my family this past October. We participated in the EA SPORTS Active 5K challenge after training and using the program set up by EA SPORTS Active. My 10 and 13 year old kids ran the entire 5k with me during a very cold, windy and (pouring) rainy morning. 

When the 5k was over, my 13 year old said to me, "When do we start training for next year?" 

I knew then that I had succeeded in showing my kids that living a healthy lifestyle can be fun. I felt such pride in my family for such a great accomplishment. I wanted to share that with others which is why I wanted to be an EA SPORTS Active 6 Week Challenger. 

One of my biggest hurdles every year is Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve. Every year I easily gain up to 10 pounds. The food is abundant and delicious and my time is scarce and chaotic.

My goal for this 6 Week Challenge is to not only hold off that weight gain, but to lose weight and tone my body during the holidays. Most years I would laugh at someone for even suggesting it, but this year I'm confident that with the workouts during the 6 week challenge and the advice from Bob Greene's The Best Life Diet (special edition included with EA SPORTS Active More Workouts), I will achieve my goal.

You can follow my progress throughout the Active for Life 6 Week Challenge, along with the other challengers on the EA SPORTS Active website at www.easportsactive.com.

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