Weekly Weight Loss Calendar: Week 1

Mom_love07 has graciously agreed to share her weight loss journey with us. She's a 21-year-old mama to daughter, Addison, 2, and lives in Illinois. Her goal? To be more active and lose 100 pounds in one year. Each week we're checking in with her to see her progress and give her words of encouragement!

Let's find out what happened during Week 1...


CM: How many pounds have you lost?

This week, I weighed 236. So, I lost about four pounds.

Tell us about your week.

This week was difficult. I made cupcakes for my daughter, and she was asking for them for every meal. So, I ended up eating more than my share of them to keep her from eating too many. Other than that, things went good. I missed one day working out because of doctors appointments. And, I learned a few recipes that are good for me and delicious.

How many days last week did you exercise?

I worked out six days this week. I did sit-ups everyday, and every other day I did some weight lifting and a few workout routines from the On Demand section. I haven't found one I like yet, though.

How was your diet this week?

That was pretty good. Like I said, I sort of got off track with the cupcakes. But all in all, I didn't eat too much like I usually do. And, I ate every meal—[before] I would skip breakfast most mornings.

How are you feeling?

I feel like I have lost weight, but when I look at myself, I feel like I look bigger. So, it is weird, because I know that I have lost some, and I feel like I have, but when I look at myself I don't feel good about it.

What was the biggest challenge for you this week?

The cupcakes. And, also working out. I was very tired this week, probably from my daughter being sick the previous week.

Overall, how would you describe your weight loss journey this week?

There weren't days when I felt bad. I felt great about it every day. But when I would go to get in the shower and look [at my body] I would think, "Wow, I think I've gained weight." When I learned I'd lost it, I felt great, too.

Wow! Congrats to Mom_love07 for losing four pounds already! Let's congratulate her on her accomplishment.

Also, I think it's a pretty common thing to at first feel like you look like you are gaining weight when you are actually losing it—especially, if you are weight training.

Has anyone else noticed this?


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