'The Biggest Loser': Best Makeover?

Last night was the Biggest Loser makeover show with Tim Gunn and Tabatha Coffey. Before we delve into the recap (SPOILER warning), can we be catty for a minute and comment on who we thought had the best makeover?


I'll start: It was hard to pick just one because they all looked so fabulous. But I'd have to say that Allen was my favorite makeover, simply because he looked sooooooooo happy. The runner-up? Definitely Rebecca. That girl is gorgeous!

After the makeovers, the six contestants gave motivational speeches to a crowd of 300 before retiring to the ranch for a pulley challenge (Rudy won!) and a Last Chance workout. While exercising with Jillian, Rudy gave us a little insight into his life and struggles, revealing that he started gaining weight at age 12 after his sister died of leukemia.

During the weigh-in, Rebecca and Liz fall below the yellow line. In a surprising twist of events (or, at least, surprising to me) Rudy says that he doesn't trust Rebecca because of something she did in Week 5, and votes her off. Rebecca is angry because not only does she have to go home, but she considered Rudy a close friend. (Cue lots of crying and drama.)

This is two weeks in a row where Rudy has surprised me. I don't know what to think of this guy! But all is well: In the update, Rebecca looks absolutely fantastic and healthy and finished a half-marathon.

What did you think of last night's episode? Who had the best makeover?


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