3 Ways Women Can Have Orgasms


What kinds of fireworks go off for you?

Yes. Yes. Yes! You can have three different types of orgasms, even though having one seems hard on some days.

The O in Oprah did double duty yesterday when one of my favorite sexperts was on the show. Laura Berman, Ph.D., author of Real Sex for Real Women, always has smart, helpful, and orgasmic advice. 

She gave tips to start trying tonight.

Three types of Big O's

Clitoral. The most common type of orgasm is the easiest one to achieve. Don't know where your clitoris is? Find it! Dr. Berman suggests to get out a mirror ASAP because "if we can't find it, how can we expect him to?" Look at the top of your labia, below your pubic hair line. That pea-sized button, often covered by a flap of skin, is it. Sometimes just the slightest pressure can bring a woman to climax and others like finger or tongue stimulation. You can incorporate a clitoral climax into intercourse by trying different positions like woman on top so you can rub the area against your partner's body and by doing it doggie style so your fingers (or his) can explore. Experiment to find out what does the trick for you.

Vaginal. Best achieved when the G Spot is stimulated, this type of vaginal orgasm isn't the easiest to have, but it's worth it. You can find your G Spot in the outer third of your vagina on the upper wall. Lie on your back and place your pointer finger (or his), palm side up, inside your vagina; crook the finger in a "come here" motion about one-third of the way in. If you get the slight sensation that you need to urinate, you've found it. Some women say that it's a more intense orgasm. Berman says it could be because there are even more muscle contractions in the pelvic floor during a vaginal orgasm.

Blended. The holy grail of orgasms is the blended, which is when a lucky woman has a clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time.

The CafeMom group All About Sex: Questions, Thoughts, Pictures and MORE (note: this is a private group and you will need to apply to see any of their posts) isn't afraid to talk about orgasms. But what about you?

Do you get kind of embarrassed when you talk about sex?

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1Navy... 1NavyWife

HMMMM, maybe I will try and acheive some tonight...lol! That is if either dh and or I have the energy to even try!

Elsas... Elsas_Mommy

Only if I had a man. LOL!

maisah maisah

What a great blog for those who do not know their body.... I suggestion is touch yourself and you will find them and will be able to help your husband help you come to climax...

Angina Berryz

Female orgasmic disorder is the persistent or recurrent inability of a woman to have an orgasm (climax or sexual release) after adequate sexual arousal and sexual stimulation. That may happened due to child birth, mental stress, depression, any physical inability, menopause etc.. There are different types of female orgasm that can help to achieve that much sexual arousal and make your sexual life happier.

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