If Barbie Were a Real Woman...


I've read plenty of fun facts about what Barbie's measurements would be if she were a real woman—but nothing quite as specific and thorough as this post on Never Say Diet:

For example, if Barbie were a real woman, her feet would be a child's size THREE!

Don't worry, there's much more where that came from...

  • If Barbie were a real woman, her bra size would be 39 FF and she'd have to crawl to support her top-heavy frame.
  • If Barbie were a real woman, she wouldn’t have room in her arms to have all her bones.

And my favorite "if Barbie were real" fun fact:

  • If Barbie were a real woman, her neck would be twice the length of a normal neck and it would only be able to hold either a trachea or an esophagus, leaving her to choose between eating and breathing.

Yikes! Good thing Barbie isn't a real woman! (Check out Never Say Diet for even more measurement info.)

Have you heard any similar "if Barbie were real" facts?


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Momof... Momof3cuties

LOL...I have noticed the changes in Barbie's measurements through the years.  I recently gave my daughter a Barbie that I got in 1990 to play with along with her recently purchased Barbies.  The newer barbies have much smaller breasts, wider waists & hips.  The reason I know this is bc we tried to put my daughter's new barbie clothes on the old Barbie & she can't wear them!!!  Also...the breast size is OBVIOUSLY smaller now.  This makes me wonder what her measurements would have been like back in 1990 if this is what they are now with the modifications.  No matter....my daughter loves Barbies as much as I did as a little girl.  I think the appeal of a pretty doll that they can dress up, etc. is just fun.  I certainly never thought I could or would look like a Barbie doll any more than I thought I could look like Strawberry Shortcake or a Cabbage Patch doll.  LOL! 

Momof... Momof3cuties

 I just loved playing with them.  In an age where a healthy body image seems to be unatainable for girls and women, I am not surprised that Barbie is once again brought into this hot topic discussion but she's a pretty little doll and reality is, it's what we all teach our girls that helps feed their body image.  I recently attended a Liz Curtis Higgs event at our church, Liz discussed that while we tell our daughter that they are beautiful, etc., it's what they see & hear us say about ourselves that impacts them the most.  This is so true...and I will never again say in front of my daughter...I am fat or I hate my hair.....ok, a little off track here but I did find these Barbie to real life woman facts very amusing! 

drago... dragonflylovr19

No, but these are sure laughable!!!

Austinka Austinka

I think what you have to realize is that if she was totally in proportion, you would barely be able to see her eyes, she would be difficult to dress, and her hair would be scraggly.  Why do articles like this only choose Barbie?  Maybe it's because she has been around for 50 years, but have you not seen other dolls such as Brats?  They are so out of proportion that I can't even look at them!  What about all the Disney princesses?  Not only the dolls, but their cartoon sizes are unrealistic.

These manufacturers are simply making something that is appealing to children so they can play pretend.  Some proportions, like the thin arms, are created to ease the ability of dressing the doll.  They are encouraging the imaginations of the children who play with them.  Stop looking at only the negative!

Sersokhi Sersokhi

Is this based on the old barbie sizes? The new ones look to be a b-c cup to me. lol. And they have wider hips than I do now. 

livewell livewell

ROFL I love the part about having to choose between eating and breathing LOL

nmmama09 nmmama09

I like the part about having to crawl around to support her boobs!

clean... cleanaturalady

Eh, dolls are just for pretend.  I never once thought I needed to look like Barbie growing up, so I don't think there is much harm in little girls playing dress up with a Barbie.  There are so many things to get up in arms about, Barbie is not one of them.

nonmember avatar Real Woman

I have heard a lot about "If Barbie were a real woman" stories, but nothing really specific. What I have always read, though, is the apparent danger Barbie has over some children--mainly girls. I do hav ea niece who is so addicted to Barbie that she wanted to have the same figure as hers--my niece, who is nine years old, and way too young to develop curves that Barbie has. It could be dangerous to hear comments like those from her, and it could be not.

What I do know about Barbie, though, is that it has unintentionally (I want to think of it on this manner) created an image of what an IDEAL woman should be. It should have hair like hers, a figure like hers, and all the physical aspects that does not really completely define what a woman should be. And I find it worse that Barbie has the strongest influences on girls--girls who are young and vulnerable and are still developing. Girls who are still building up a foundation of values that will definintely affect who they will be in the future as they grow up. I don't mean to offend anyone but it if you do look at the theories of education and pychology, the youngest years of a child is the most fragile and most important. And if you are already influenced by seemingly harmless toys on how you should be when you grow up, won't that be sad? After all, a real woman is more than the looks: she must have the psyche, the brains and the EQ, among others.

-Being A Real Woman

Selena Esparza

Barbie is a toy she isnt meant to be a reference of a real woman! Real WOmen have kidneys, a liver, a stomach,etc....oh and CELULITE!!! anyway why are there so many women jealous of a doll???

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