Scared of the Gym? Getting Over Gym-Phobia

gymI'm not going to call anyone out, but I've read lots of posts on CafeMom about moms who say they are scared of the gym. Some are self-conscious and worried that their body will attract staring. Others are intimidated by all the complicated-looking gym equipment. Me? I'm terrified that my workout is going to be so painful that I'll wimp out and won't be able to finish.


Being afraid of the gym is natural; but taken too far, it could stop you from being healthy and getting in shape. Here are a few steps for trying to overcome gym phobia:

  • Join a gym close to home. The closer the gym is to your home, the more likely you are to go to it. I used to live within walking distance of my gym. Now, it's a 20-minute car ride away. Guess what? I'm coming up with a lot more excuses not to go to the gym these days.
  • Buy cute gym clothes. It sounds superficial, but trust me, it really works. If you love your hot gym outfit, you are less likely to pay attention to your body's imperfections.
  • Get a tour of the gym in off-peak hours. Most gyms should offer free tours of the premises including tips on how to use the equipment. Knowing the layout of the gym can help you to plan your workouts in advance so you're not standing there, wondering what to do next.
  • Workout with a friend. A friend can not only provide encouragement and support but can also distract you from whatever it is at the gym that makes you uncomfortable. And don't they always say, "Safety in numbers?
  • Wear headphones and listen to your favorite music. This is a distraction technique that I have perfected. Plus, listening to music makes the workout much more fun.

Are you scared of the gym?


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