'The Biggest Loser': I Can't Believe It

Not too much to say about The Biggest Loser this morning, except that I'm surprised, sad, and concerned for the person sent home (SPOILER alert).


Last night on The Biggest Loser, Ali Sweeny surprised the contestant with the news that there would be two lines at the end-of-the-week weigh-in: a red line and a yellow line. The contestant who lost the least amount of weight would fall below the red line and would be immediately sent home. The next two contestants who lost the least amount of weight would fall below the yellow line and, as usual, one would be voted off the show.

At the weigh-in, Daniel fell below the red line and was immediately sent home. I was sad, because I like Daniel, but felt that it was time for him to leave. And, in the update he seemed to be doing very well.

(Side-note: Some of the boards are buzzing about a potential romance between Daniel and Rebecca, and after watching her tearful response last night, I wondered as well. What do you think?)

And even though Shay lost a whopping 17 pounds last night (and broke the record for the fastest woman to 100 pounds on The Biggest Loser), she fell below the yellow line along with Amanda (who lost 5 pounds). I didn't see this coming, but Shay got voted off at the end.

I was surprised because of all the contestants, I felt like it is most important for Shay to be there. I realize it is a game and Shay is a threat to the other contestants because she can lose the most weight; at the same time I'm wondering if she has enough support at home to continue her journey.

And I'm worried: Why didn't they show an update for Shay?

What did you think of last night's episode of The Biggest Loser?


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