The No-Coffee Challenge: Could You Do It?

CafeMoms in the Running Moms group recently challenged each other to go one whole week without coffee (or other caffeinated drink like tea, soda, etc.).

So why would they willingly choose to put themselves through this?


True, it is suspected that caffeine dependency may cause increased cholesterol levels, impaired fertility, headaches, and other health-related problems. But, generally, for most women, there doesn't seem to be too many dangers of drinking coffee in a moderate amount; doctors recommend we drink no more than 4-5 cups per day.

However, some moms in the Running Moms group said that reducing caffeine (or giving it up all together) had the following effects:

  • Helped them to sleep better.
  • Gave them more energy.
  • Made them less stressed and jittery.
  • They felt better overall without caffeine.

Typically, I drink herbal tea instead of coffee (which makes me way too jittery). So giving up caffeine for a week or longer wouldn't be a big deal to me. But I know many women who can't make it through the day without their cup of joe.

What do you think? Could you go a whole week without caffeine?


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