Should Cookie Monster Be the Veggie Monster?


Have you heard the Internet rumor about Cookie Monster giving up his cookies and turning into the Veggie Monster?

It's definitely an urban myth, but that's not stopping it from getting tons of attention this month as Sesame Street celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

The famous blue overeating Muppet isn't giving up cookies for good, but his recent shift to healthier eating habits had some moms up in arms...

A few years ago, Sesame Street made changes to Cookie Monster to make him more "healthful" in an effort to combat childhood obesity. He no longer scarfs down cookies. He is a spokesperson for the American Egg Board. And the official Sesame Street Web site lists Cookie Monster's "Likes" as "Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables."

In other words, Cookie Monster still eats cookies; he just eats a lot less of them and chooses fruits, veggies, eggs, and other healthy food instead.

CafeMoms recently discussed Cookie Monster's healthy lifestyle, and most thought it was just plain stupid. A few choice excerpts that made me laugh:

  • Dorothy24: I was raised on Sesame Street! Cookie Monster was my favorite...I still eat healthy. What's next? Making Oscar the Grouch to be nice and clean? Being dirty and living in garbage is unhealthy, too!
  • Barefootbchbum: Whose job is it to make sure their kid doesn't eat five million cookies a day: Cookie Monster or Mom and Dad?
  • Knightquester: I loved him as a child and my kids did, too, and we weren't cookie addicts...Parents make kids fat, not a fictional puppets on the television.

Do you eat healthy DESPITE growing up with Cookie Monster? Or do you think Cookie Monster should be more healthful?


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Mommy... Mommy2Mal

Although I think it's mom and dad's job to make sure kids are eating right, I think it's awesome that cookie monster is eating more healthy food, and making a point to say that cookies are a sometimes food.

auror... aurorabunny

Blah.  I grew up a fat kid because I was fed greasy fattening junk and sweets, I have to say that I'm pretty sure Cookie Monster had no part in cooking my meals.  My son is a super healthy eater and he still gets to watch Cookie Monster.  This is so silly.  All the Wonder Pets eat is celery, maybe we should change that because they'll make all of our children anorexic.

eye rolling

niami... niamibunni

Cookie Monster never influenced eating habits for me, my sister or my son. 

Anyone who thinks he is to blame for poor eating choices is smoking crack.

Sassy... Sassysatin

Personally NO!!! I don't think they should change it. It is just wrong. We as parents need to let our kids no what is good and bad. I mean seriously cookie monster eats plates to do you really think your child is going to start eating plates as well. Hello really lets get serious here we as parents need to teach our children right from wrong.

earth... earthmama727

I LOVED cookie monster as a kid! It was hilarious to see him shove cookies sloopily in his face, and the humor of it was that we all KNEW you weren't supposed to do it!  Actually, even as a kid my brother and Ishowed restraint with junk food. Why? cause our parents taught us well!  As a PP said, Oscar the grouch is no better a role model, , but he's funny and kids love him!

Lumin... LuminousMom

UGH! No way. Cookie monster is not making kids fat. Parents are. Simple as that. "Mom, can I have a cookie?" "NO."


sodapple sodapple

I love cookie monster and my daugther does too and yet she does not eat cookies and she is 3!!! so he does not make kids or adults who watch Sesame Street fat at all, it depeneds on the parents or the metabolism of a person =-)

bella... bellamumma

Of course cookie monster does not need to be the veggie monster. Seriously. Like someone else posted, does Oscar the grouch need to start being nice and taking regular showers? I think it's a little out of hand. My daughter likes cookie monster, and barely eats any cookies at all. In the end, we form our children's eating habits, not cookie monster!

shann... shannon.kay

I specifically remember a Cookie Monster song from my childhood where he sang "Healthy food, it tastes so good" with singing vegetables around him.

I don't think this is really so new.

My husband says that maybe cookie monster's digestive track only accepts cookies.

Oscar the Grouch eats, like, rotten food.

Lokis... LokisMama

Dude, leave Cookie Monster alone.  If you want a veggie monster, make a veggie monster, but you do not mess with the Cookie Monster. :D

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