Should Cookie Monster Be the Veggie Monster?

Have you heard the Internet rumor about Cookie Monster giving up his cookies and turning into the Veggie Monster?

It's definitely an urban myth, but that's not stopping it from getting tons of attention this month as Sesame Street celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

The famous blue overeating Muppet isn't giving up cookies for good, but his recent shift to healthier eating habits had some moms up in arms...


A few years ago, Sesame Street made changes to Cookie Monster to make him more "healthful" in an effort to combat childhood obesity. He no longer scarfs down cookies. He is a spokesperson for the American Egg Board. And the official Sesame Street Web site lists Cookie Monster's "Likes" as "Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables."

In other words, Cookie Monster still eats cookies; he just eats a lot less of them and chooses fruits, veggies, eggs, and other healthy food instead.

CafeMoms recently discussed Cookie Monster's healthy lifestyle, and most thought it was just plain stupid. A few choice excerpts that made me laugh:

  • Dorothy24: I was raised on Sesame Street! Cookie Monster was my favorite...I still eat healthy. What's next? Making Oscar the Grouch to be nice and clean? Being dirty and living in garbage is unhealthy, too!
  • Barefootbchbum: Whose job is it to make sure their kid doesn't eat five million cookies a day: Cookie Monster or Mom and Dad?
  • Knightquester: I loved him as a child and my kids did, too, and we weren't cookie addicts...Parents make kids fat, not a fictional puppets on the television.

Do you eat healthy DESPITE growing up with Cookie Monster? Or do you think Cookie Monster should be more healthful?


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