Tyra Banks Loses Weight and I'm Disappointed

Tyra Banks

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty

Remember Tyra Banks' "Kiss My Fat A**" moment that aired few years ago on The Tyra Banks Show?

Now, the famous model/actress/talk show host is telling critics that they can kiss her fit behind: She's shed almost 30 pounds since her angry 2007 outburst directed against tabloids that printed unflattering photos of her in a bathing suit and called her "fat."

So, how did she lose so much weight?


According to People.com, Tyra lost weight by working with a nutritionist, keeping a food diary, and switching up "unhealthy eating habits for healthier eating habits."

Tyra says that even though she's slimmed down, she doesn't want to lose her famous curves: she's maintained her 34DD boobs and (her words) "round booty."

I think she looks great, but I can't help but be a little sad that she seemd to cave to the pressure to be thin that she was so vehemently against a few years ago. Oh well, I guess what's important is that she's healthy and happy.

Do you think Tyra looks great?


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