Does Presidential Candidates' Health Affect How You'll Vote?

Do you care what medicines the president takes?

Sarah Palin still hasn't released her health records. But she's not alone. John McCain opened 1,000 pages of his medical records for limited view. He battled melanoma successfully four times.

The democratic ticket has been cagey, too. Joe Biden suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms, and he only released 49 pages of medical records a few weeks ago. Barack Obama didn't release actual records. His doctor wrote a statement of his good health.

Do you care? Should candidates' health histories have anything to do with how we vote? Is it our business that Joe Biden takes Zocor?




I'm torn. I think if a person has battled a health problem, it's unfair to hold it against him or her later. But I can see both sides.

StarrMom2Xander had her own similar question: What issues are most important to you in deciding which presidential candidate to vote for?

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