Election Divides Some Mothers and Daughters

Hmmm. They probably agree.

My mom and I have disagreed. Big time. We've always had it out and then made up. But this time, it's different. The election has silently divided us. We're both so passionate about the candidates we support that we can't seem to agree to disagree. So we just haven't talked much in the past two weeks.


I just read an article on msnbc.com that is making me feel better. Other families are experiencing the election divide. It explains that mother-daughter relationships are particularly intense, and we care what the other thinks. So a disagreement over which candidate to vote for--and the values each one represents--feels like a personal attack.

Sigh. So for my mom and I, politics got personal. I read a recent CafeMom question about this topic with great interest this week. CBodden commented that this election is bringing out the worst in everyone.

Thank goodness the election will be over tomorrow. If my mom and I could put our real mistakes behind us--like the time I banged up her Mercury Cougar or the time she fed my goldfish chicken noodle soup and it died--I feel sure we'll get past this, too. And by Wednesday, or maybe Thursday, we'll be just as close as we were before.

Are any of you feuding with family over the election?

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