'The Biggest Loser:' Good Riddance or Bittersweet?

I've spent all this season of The Biggest Loser hoping a certain person would get voted off the show. But in the end, that particular person didn't seem to be as bad as I had previously thought...WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER.


Tracey was eliminated in last night's episode of the The Biggest Loser, when the contestants visited Washington D.C. (including the White House!) with Bob and Jillian to help other people lose weight. She and Liz fell below the yellow line during the weigh-in, but Amanda, Daniel, Danny, and Rebecca all decided to vote her off because of how she had acted in the beginning of the game.

Personally, I haven't trusted—or for that matter really liked—Tracey, simply because of how she played the game in the beginning.

But last night's episode showed a new, shall we say, softer side of Tracey. I loved seeing her with her kids and husband at the end, and she looked absolutely fabulous! Her transformation was truly amazing. Now, she smiles so much more. She just seems like a nicer, and more important, happier person. And, she's training for a marathon in December. Go Tracey!

*Sigh.* I love The Biggest Loser.

What did you think of last night's episode of The Biggest Loser? Were you happy to see Tracey go?


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